Friday, August 27, 2010

Zoo and Bubbles

This afternoon Liam and I took a trip to Walmart….yes, Walmart (the evil empire) shh don’t tell Daddy…anyway, I bought Liam some Elmo bubble bath for a fun Friday night tub adventure.

Bubble Mohawk!


He loved the bubbles, loved splashing around, and may have had a taste or two of the bubbly magic.


We went for a walk after dinner tonight to take Liam to the playground and go on the swings. It has been a long time since i’ve had him in this stroller, I always use my Britax one, and he looked so much bigger than he used to. He had a great time chopping on some cherrios as we walked.  DSC02689

He posed sat still for one shot before deciding that playing in the grass was way more fun than smiling for Mama.


He took a fun ride down the slide.


And of course happily swung on the swings.

   DSC02678    DSC02671

Do you see what I see in this picture? Slightly more than just a little peach fuzz on top!  DSC02669

Yesterday Liam and I went to the zoo with a few of our friends. Case and Liam had an awesome time exploring the zoo out of their strollers. I am pretty sure Bev and I won some cool Mom points for letting them loose.


“Dude, check out those penguins!”


Liam loved sitting next to the huge fish tank..


“I’m gonna get you fishie”


We even saw a tiger up close. They are normally always sleeping so we were pumped to see it up close. 


Video of Liam and Case watching the penguins.

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