Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day Trip to Nashville, Indiana

This weekend I really wanted to get away and take a small trip with my boys. I had origionally started planning a trip to Chicago for an air show and rib festival but our plans fell through because Alex wasn’t able to take a half day Friday to drive up. So we opted for a trip down to Brown County. I have heard a lot about Brown County since moving here two years ago. Many people have told me that we had to visit because it sounded a lot like the Pennsylvania landscape.


Driving down we were so excited because we started to see trees and mountains!! Downtown Nashville was absolutely adorable with so many cute shops, everything from homemade candies to antiques.

About an hour after we got there it started to rain, luckily we grabbed a great seat and enjoyed some iced cream until it passed. I got pumping ice cream which was to die for…so good!



Liam had a good time  watching the rain.


….and Liam’s special treat from his first road trip…a lollipop! He loved it, of course, but wasn’t too excited that he had to stop to get his picture taken.


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