Monday, May 13, 2013

Life Lately!

This has without a doubt been the longest time i have gone between blogging in the last four years! The past few nights i'd lay in bed and think about getting back into it knowing that in the future i would likely regret not having our lives documented here on good ol' growing on gettysburg. The events from this past winter, when i had all the pictures of the kids stolen, made blogging so hard for me. It was such a pain to upload all the picture with the watermark but then have them saved for printing and storing without the watermark (first world problems, right?). Anyway, in the end that is what lead me to take such a long break from writing. I think the right think for me to do is to keep on blogging but go private, which is something i've always hated when other bloggers did, but it is the right thing for me to do. So if you have been a reader for a long time and we have become friends via blogging PLEASE leave a comment or send me an email so that i can add you to the list to be able to keep reading.

The last 5 months have just flown by and have been so much fun! Alex and I just celebrated our 5 year anniversary on Friday and enjoyed a fantastic night out. We went to Kevin's for dinner which was such a treat. I am a sucker for a restaurant with ambiance and this place hit the nail on the head for me. We enjoyed wonderful food and drinks and even better conversation. After dinner we headed over to the casino and listened to a band and had a few drinks before heading home to share some cake that i got from the same bakery that had done our wedding and grooms cake.

Mr Liam is now 3.5 and is fully potty trained, i honestly never thought we'd get here! It was not an easy journey but in the end we just had to wait it out. Liam is the kind of kid that you can't make do something he doesn't want to do (he totally gets that from me) and after three failed potty training attempts and A LOT of frustration we threw in the towel and waited. Then one day he decided he wanted to wear big boy underwear and go on the potty and we've been golden ever since, naps, night time and all! He has even master the art of "peeing in the woods" ... such is the life of a country boy. He still loves his monster trucks, cars and trains. Alex, Pop Pop and Liam all went to see Monster Jam again this year in March and had a blast! He also got to go see Sesame Street Live (along with Lucy) and the circus with his Grammy, Aunt Debbie, and Nana. He's been one lucky boy with all these adventures lately!

He is an animal lover and is such a sweet boy to our two cats. We got 6 baby chicks on March 1st and he has been such a great little farmer since the day we brought them home. He loves helping me with them and still picks them up like its nothing even though they are much bigger now. We recently got three little neon tetra fish which he adores and spends lots of time just watching them swim around.

He loves to be on the go and hates days when we have no errands to run or when Grandma is working and we can't go play at her house in the morning. His new favorite thing to do is make up songs for everything! He will sing about playing cars, picking dandelions, counting, eating, you name it he will make up a Liam original about it. He loves to paint and play construction site with his mini sandbox. The boy loves to be outside and really enjoys playing baseball.

One of my favorite things about Liam is that even at 3.5 years old he loves to sit on my lap and snuggle while watching a show or movie together. He'll always be my little man!

Miss Lucy.... she is now 19 months old and turning into such a big girl, way to fast!!! She is a lot different then Liam was and it is both fun and interesting to see. She is very smart, we are constantly blown away by her language. She says just about everything and can string together 7 word sentences with ease. While I typed out this post she has said "Look Mama, kids climbing pumpkins" Look Mama, princess has glasses" "Look Mama, one, two BOOTS" She knows all the animals and which sounds they make, all the body parts, can sing the ABC song pretty darn good, and can count upwards of 10 with a little help. She loves playing farm which is basically the country girl version of a dollhouse. Over the weekend we were watching the Baby Einstine Old McDonald and she corrected me when i said "look Lucy its a tractor" and she said (i kid you not) "no it's a combine".... she spends way to much time with farmer Liam hahaha. She recently took to doing puzzles both the chunky Melissa and Doug ones and electronic ones on my Moms tablet. She has always loved to color and draw but we limit her to when she is sitting at the table because she is a sneaky sneaky girl that LOVES to break away and color on the hallway walls! She has learned to scrub them clean a few times now.

She loves shoes (her favorite are her red glitter Toms) and accessories (necklaces, SUNGLASSES, and of course her bows)! She just recently started wanting to wear a tutu and loves to say "I'm Princess Lucy"! She usually also wants to wear her "gape" aka cape and be "Super Lucy". She loves attention and, of course, when we are out shopping she gets a ton of it! I always say shopping with Lucy takes twice as long because we end up talking to so many people. She has a thing for elderly men which makes my heart happy because i feel like she makes their day by smiling, batting her long lashes, and playing peek-a-boo around me at the deli counter with them. A few weeks ago we had an interesting exchange at the deli counter when another Mom pulled up with a little girl the same age and Lucy said "NO, it is my cookie, you no have some!", she is so used to defending her stuff to Liam.

Unlike Liam, Lucy is a little more hesitant to some of our pets but she LOVES the new fish. She will walk over to the tank and say "Hi fishie friends" and watch them for a long time. She also loves to give the cats hugs but isn't as over the top in love with them like Liam is. She is my helper when we dig up worms to give the chickens for a treat. Liam will not touch them and Lucy antagonizes and teases him with them all the time. She also loves to be outside and loves to go down the slide on the play ground. She loves to play in the sandbox and do simple things like scoop rocks into a bucket and dump them out. She also loves picking dandelions and blowing the seeds into the air.

Lucy was not much of a snuggler as a baby but has grown into one as a toddler and loves to get cozy under blankets with me and watch Mickey Mouse or Caillou. She is loving Daisy Duck and Pete, Caillou and Rosey, and Elmo and Cookie Monster.

Alex and I have recently gotten into watching Duck Dynasty, River Monsters, and Warehouse 13. We are going on two years without cable and my views on TV have changed so much in these last two years. It has been a wonderful thing for us!