Sunday, September 29, 2013

Lucy Turns 2!

On Saturday this sweet girl turned TWO! She woke up to a living room filled with balloon. She was so excited that it was HER birthday.

We got Lucy a little tower from Tangled and some balloons at the dollar store (gotta love that!). 

Debbie got us all Duck Donuts for breakfast which were so so so yummy and still warm! 

Then we went to Diggers Dungeon and came home to play on the beach! 

I never want to forget the sweet salt water curls she had. 

Next up was some swimming in the pool. 

Then bath time in the big tub with brother! 

Then a cookie cake and the Happy Birthday song

....still not a fan of the song...

but very much a fan of cookie cake! 

Diggers Dungeon

On Saturday we took the kids to Diggers Dungeon. This was our second year going and it was a lot of fun again, if not better because it was a really nice day. They had the garage doors open so we got to see the trucks that Dennis Anderson actually drives. They also had a vintage/antique/homemade market going on so i had a good time looking around, so much neat stuff!!!

Our birthday girl!

They have a lot of animals there as well and Lucy loves this sleepy pig, he was snoring so loud!

Next up a ride on a monster truck. I am pretty sure Lucy made the height requirement with her bow hahaha. When we got off she said "That was SO fun!"

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Roanoke Island Festival Park


**If you click on a picture it should pop up and make it larger and you can just press the arrow keys to view them all as a slideshow.**

Yesterday we went to Roanoke Island Festival Park which is a park dedicated to the first English settlers and includes a recreated 16th-century sailing ship, living history demonstrators, and museum.


It is also where Liam became 'pirate Liam'.

Digging for treasures....

Our brief peek into the Elizabethan Gardens. 

TACO NIGHT! Lucy and I were in heaven! 

Later that evening Alex's Dad called us outside to see this weird floating fire.... UMMMM floating lanterns just like on Tangles?!?!? The kids thought it was the coolest thing!!!!!