Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 3 of 30 Days of Blogging – Favorite TV Show

Oooooh TV shows…I love TV, i really do. When i first looked at the list of topics for 30 Days of Blogging this is probably the one i was most excited to write about. One of the things Alex and I have been doing for years now (since we got Netflix back in 2006) is watch TV shows that had gone off the air… (a rare few were still on the air) most of which were totally awesome and make me want to stomp my feet in anger that they got cancelled. Okay, once again this is going to be a list of my favorites because although i could choose just one (which is listed last) the others are just too good not to list.

Arrested Development…..I have a small obsession with Jason Bateman since watching this show.


Wonderfalls…this is Alex’s favorite that we have watched.


Freaks and Geeks….felt like i was watching the story of my adolescence.


Dexter….oh Dexter…we watched 18 hours in two days…yes, it is addicting.


Malcolm in the Middle …we have watched every episode at least five times, no lie or exaggeration.


Pushing Daisies …i loved this show.


Dead Like Me … don’t fear the reaper. We just finished this series a few weeks ago, i am so sad that it is over.



…and my number one…

Veronica Mars …. we got hooked on this show as much as we did Dexter…long, long nights and many times saying “oh just one more episode”…. we finished the second season last night and are starting season three tonight. Honestly, it is an amazing show. The actors are chosen perfectly for the roles they play. I cannot say enough about this show, you must watch it if you have not already. It will not disappoint!



John, Jessica and Emma said...
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John, Jessica and Emma said...

Ok, I thought I watched a lot of TV but I have to say I have never watched any of these! Very neat to see what other people like... and I may have to look into Veronica Mars!!

August 16, 2010 12:57 PM