Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Top Teeth

Have been NO FUN coming in….yikes! and the worst part is that i can feel the big tooth bulging below the gums but it still has a far journey to freedom. It seems Liam is having a much harder time teething his top tooth than he did the bottom two…hoping it comes through soon so he has some relief. As i told my Mom today, i think giving the choice Liam would choose to have himself sewn to my side because he has spent all day attached to me.

Liam’s new thing is to carry toys around in his mouth, it cracks me up every time.


Liam’s Great Aunt Debbie bought him this fun ride on car while she was visiting and he loves it. If he had a choice I think he would have had me push him around the house on it all day today. Not only does he love to ride on it but he loves to tip it over, inspect it, and spin the wheels (you know Liam and his obsession with spinning a wheel of any kind).



On Sunday I remodeled the “party pit” to allow us and Liam more open space. It is awesome! We all love it!!

IMG_2530 IMG_2531

Sunday night we all went to dinner and Liam wore the cutest little outfit. He was so good at dinner and had a field day eating crackers, drinking water, and flirting with the waitress, and an impromptu game of peek a boo with a napkin. IMG_2543 DSC02060

and the picture that melts my heart…my boys!


This picture was from Alex’s moms birthday party and i just thought Liam looked so big and old…it kind of makes me sad. The cake was awesome! Chocolate Overdose Cake…a layer of brownie, chocolate mousse, and chocolate cake…yeah, it was awesome!


Yesterday I got my hair cut and took along this picture.


I love the way it turned out, just like the picture. I was slightly embarrassed when the stylist asked me where the girl was from or what she was in because she looked familiar and I had to tell her “from the TV show Jonas “ ….. Oh yes she looked familiar because her six year old daughter watches the show.

I have been working hard on a lot of custom orders for friends through my etsy shop. I am so excited to finally have some stuff listed! Yayy!!!

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