Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday (June Edition)

I am jumping on board with my dear friend Jessica from This Blessed Life and doing a "What I'm Loving Wednesday - June Edition" post for all the things I am loving so far this summer.

I'm loving... SHERLOCK! I am SHERLOCKED! My brother had been raving about this show for months but Alex and I had a few shows going at the time and never got around to watching it. Until last week... and by this weekend we had finished. Granted there is only 10 episodes but each are an hour and a half long so it is like watching a movie. Seriously i cannot even tell you how much we LOVE this show! .....and let's just say i have a soft spot for a guy is a great coat... who also drinks tea... and is British.... it's just a win win win for me! If you have netflix run to your tv right now and put this show on!!!
I'm loving...  swimming!! The weather has been beautiful here and by beautiful i mean upwards of 90 and sunny which to me is awesome!!! We have been getting a lot of use out of our pool and i just love these puddle jumpers. Liam has become so independent in the pool with this and is just rocking it. Not only does he swim around like a fish but he also loves to use his squirt gun, while swimming, and attack everyone.
I'm loving...  these earrings i got at Target on clearance for $3, i've been wearing them all the time!

I'm loving...  walmart dresses, i know i know but seriously i have got a few for me ($10) and Lucy ($5) and we have both been wearing them all the time. I was never a real sun dress wearer but this year i can't get enough they are just so comfy!

I'm loving...  this conditioning detangler from Not Your Mother's, it was about $4 at Walmart. Since we have been swimming a lot my hair is a hot mess when i get out so i've been spraying it with this before combing it out and it has been working great!

I'm loving...   suki face lemongrass sugar cleanser. I got this in my birchbox this month and just love it. It is so fresh smelling and really makes your skin feel both smooth and clean. Very refreshing for the summer.

I'm loving...   coconut water popsicles. I feel like coconut water is something people just love or hate and i am one of the lovers. This one has chunks of pineapple in it and is to die for. So perfect for a hot day by the pool.

I'm loving...   NYC lip stains. Once upon a time there was a young high school girl who applied lip gloss every 5 seconds (Lip Smackers Birthday Cake)... then she met a boy who wasn't fond of giving the girl a between class smooch with the lip gloss on so the girl kicked the gloss cold turkey.... then the girl married the boy and well..... the lip care got put on the back burner for a long time. Maybe it is the nearing of 30 that has made me feel the need for some lip color but i have finally found a great solution with lip stains! I got one a few months ago in my birchbox and loved it. Then a few weeks ago at Target i saw this one by NYC which was around $3 and decided to try it and happily found that i love it (and for the record i even get a smooch with it because it doesn't rub off) ;-)

I'm loving...   new cleaning products. I am kind of a nut about keeping our house in order and clean. If it isn't it makes me all crazy and irritable. I have been using Mrs Meyers products for about two years now. I was a huge fan of the basil scent (like sprayed the counters just so i could smell them) but i used that when i was super sick while pregnant with Lucy and now i can't stand the smell because it instantly makes me feel queasy again. I got an email at the beginning of spring about the release of this radish line and was intrigued. I mean radish, it sounds gross! A few months later i saw it at Target and picked up a bottle and seriously don't think i'll ever use another scent again. It is fantastic!! It is very fresh and clean (totally just started singing the OutKast song after typing that).

I'm loving...   my new mop! I have tried just about everything with our floors and the only thing that really gets them looking nice is a good old fashion hand scrubbing which is a pain in the butt (back and knees actually). I saw this Reveal mop by Rubbermaid over a year ago and just didn't want to put out the money for it at the time. It is only $20 but still, it just wasn't something i felt i NEEDED at the time. Over the last month or so i have been so frustrated with my floor i finally decided i needed to try the reveal and i love it. I love that i can use whatever cleaner i want and that the pads are large and machine washable. The head of the mop also swivels so it is easy to spin around into small places and corners.

I'm loving...   these pins for the last week. 
Swoon..... look at all the pretty vintage pyrex..LOVE!
English tea roses, so pretty!

If corn is cheap and sweet in your neck of the woods give this recipe a try. It was so yummy, although mine did not look nearly as nice as this. I ended up cutting it off the cob and eating it more like a corn salad.

Exactly! Sorry friends and family that i try to talk to when the kiddos are awake!


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Pink Balloon Updates

Luckily, I have been fairly busy with catering parties, showers, and weddings over the last few weeks. Here are a few thins that i have done in June.

Funny story about this cake. I was just about to finish it off with the lettering when Lucy decided she was DONE with Mama working. With my mind distracted i totally wrote Good Lucy on the cake instead of Good Luck HAHAHA 

I did these cake pop centerpieces for a good friends baby shower two weeks ago. They were half vanilla and the other half white chocolate raspberry, so yummy!

This weekend i had the pleasure of doing a wedding which is such an honor to be given the responsibility to do. The wedding was very non-traditional so we ended up doing a cupcake display with a small traditional top tier for the couple to cut. It was such a great fusion of traditional and something a little different. I heard that everything went over great and there were tons of rave reviews about not only the display but the cupcakes as well.  It is such a great feeling when you hear such positive feedback. 

I absolutely love how this cake turned out and the floral topper just put it over the top.
Custom printables for the to-go packaging and the menu.

12 dozen different cupcake aka cupcake heaven!

June so far with a dash of May


Ice cream!

"Lucy make a nice face for the camera" ... and this... this is what i get! This child is something else!

This is what happens when you have an older brother and older cousin who want to play dress up. 

Pops Birthday! 

Secret agents! 

"Mama, we rock climbing"

My attempts at a picture of them together and yes they are sitting in cat beds. 

"Liam put your arm around Lucy" 

Lucy it totally into being a princess right now which is adorable! She loves to dress up and be princess Lucy. 

The kids are both currently hooked on Tangled! This was the morning showing one day during breakfast. 

They are very entertaining with their two man band. 

 The chickens are very high maintenance or as Alex calls them "yuppie chickens". One day after it had been raining i let them out to roam around the yard and it was the first time they  had walked on wet grass before and they were hopping and flying all over the place until they found the porch where they they proceeded to eat my beautiful planters before they got locked back in the coop!

Mr Liam.... 4 going on 14 sometimes :-) 

Wedding Weekend

Last weekend Alex, Ashely and I took a road trip to Pittsburgh for Christine and Phil's wedding. To say it was an awesome weekend would be an understatement! It was such a fun renuion weekend with some amazing girlfriends! 

Jess, Ashely, Teri and I the night before the wedding catching up! The thing i love most about these girls is that we can go years without seeing each other but we just pick up where we left off like no time had passed. 
Our welcome boxes were stuffed to the top with lots of local goodies!! Lucy was in heaven when i brought her home the katchup chips! 

The wedding ceremony was not until 3 in the afternoon on Saturday which gave us a nice bit of time in the morning to explore the area and have one of the best breakfasts of all time! We ate at Pamela's and it was beyond fantastic. I got the blueberry and cream hotcakes which were thing and super crispy around the edges!  After breakfast we headed up to the venue to drop off sugar cookies i made for their cookie table. Then stopped at a Starbucks and just sat and talked! There is something about sitting in a coffee shop with your husband sans children that is very relaxing :-) 

 After getting ready the girls and I had an impromptu photo shoot before heading to the church.

Ashely and I, my best friend since 4th grade! Going on 20 years!!

Ashely, Jess, Teri and I -- Love these girls!!

The church!

Mike and Teri. Mike graduated with Alex and Teri and him have also been together since high school. 

Alex and I 

Jess and Pat, Pat also went to high school with us.

Status updating! 

 The wedding was beautiful and I could not be more happy for Christine! They are such a wonderful couple and are so happy together! I love this shot i got of Phil as soon as Christine started walking down the aisle. Seeing his bride for the first time!

Seriously, her dress!! Amazing!! 

The new Mr and Mrs!!!

The reception site was so beautiful! I just loved all the details and style of the event. It was a perfect summer wedding!

Time to celebrate!!!!

 Bringing back the "Mountain Top Shake" circa 2003 cheerleading camp!

The cookie buffet! Oh my word, it was awesome!

Congratulations to Christine and Phil! I am so glad that we got to celebrate your special day with you and your families! We wish you many years of health and happiness!!