Tuesday, November 25, 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

The kids have been begging to put up our trees for about two weeks. I made a deal with them that after my craft show we would put one up (hahahaha as if I would really stop after one, who was I kidding)! 

Yesterday morning after straightening up their rooms we brought thier boxes up and got to work. This sounds utterly ridiculous but this year I let go of my tree OCD and let liam do his tree completely on his own. And you know what? After all those years of watching me the kid rocked it and did an awesome job! 

After Liam's tree we moved into Lucy's room to try and fit all of her beautiful  ornaments on her way to small tree! She is totally getting upgraded after Christmas this year! 

After the trees were done Lucy and I went downtown to grocery shop. We stopped at michaels first because I wanted to pick up some stuff for the tree in our living room that it is getting a new theme this year. Since we moved in the living room tree has always been gold, which I love and finally got juuuuust right last year but after buying a beautiful faux fur blanket I wanted to switch the tree up to a more rustic cabin themed tree. I found the most perfect plaid flannel ribbon and it all came together after that. 

This tree is so different for me because it is not filled with items. I do like it but need to get use to the different feel it has. 

The new tree I got at target last year after Christmas at 90% off, it is a gorgeous tree!! 

 The gold tree will soon find its place in our new screened porch! 

Liam's Thanksgiving Program

On Friday Liam had his first Thanksgiving program at preschool. Nana Vicki, Grammy, Grandma, Lucy and I all went to see him. They sang two cute songs, made muffins and pumpkin bread, little Indian costumes and placements with everything they were thankful for. Liam listed: hot wheels, Lucy, pizza, apples and pumpkins on his list. Liam did so well singing his songs, we were so proud of our little man!! 
And simple so I don't forget names we have: Brynley, Emily, Brook-Lynn, Liam, Logan, Rebecca, Jack and Garrett. 

Once the show and snacks were done Lucy took it upon herself to start playtime. She is so social we seriously question where she came from haha! She loved playing with the baby, she "loves girl babies", she is so sweet and gentle with little ones.