Friday, December 31, 2010

Snapshots of our year…2010

It is hard to believe that in one short year Liam learned to roll over, push up, eat solids, sit up, pull up, crawl, stand, gain eight new teeth, walk on his knees, walk and run. It has been an absolutely fantastic year full of very happy memories. I have met some amazing people this year who changed my life for the better (Hey hey Baby Jam Ladies!!).

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IMG_3050-235303_1485637857391_1127245555_1424339_7513860_n 36890_1485641697487_1127245555_1424375_4341283_n IMG_2259 DSC02570 IMG_2543 IMG_2585 IMG_2643 IMG_2681 IMG_2751 IMG_2853 (2) IMG_2894 46845_1560912819218_1127245555_1627244_6049931_n IMG_2920 IMG_2983 IMG_3034 IMG_3105 IMG_3139 P1000822 IMG_3154 IMG_3171 IMG_3254 IMG_3298 IMG_3401 IMG_3428 IMG_3468 IMG_3487 IMG_3547 33548_1629465813000_1127245555_1770096_1356175_n IMG_3612 IMG_3957 IMG_3976-2 IMG_3744 IMG_3809 IMG_4009 IMG_4028 IMG_4033 IMG_4111 IMG_4194 IMG_4252 DSC02897  IMG_4091-2 IMG_4559a

Best wishes for a year full of health and happiness from our family to yours.  IMG_4595a