Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Photography Review: Jessica C Photography

Back in November we were lucky enough to squeeze in a family photo shoot with Jessica from Jessica C Photography who is based in Indianapolis. I had been wanting outdoor pictures of the three of us for a very long time and after seeing the great work Jessica had done for a friend of mine I just had to email her to see if she had any appointments still open. I was so happy with how our pictures came out and just had to share some of them with you all. We used two of them for our Christmas cards and got so many compliments on them.

149812_179563298724607_114639065217031_647191_1693146_n 151022_179563415391262_114639065217031_647196_616411_n 151080_179563392057931_114639065217031_647194_675597_n  156003_179563332057937_114639065217031_647192_294210_n


If anyone in Indy or the surrounding suburbs is looking for a great photographer check out Jessica’s website and facebook page!

Adventures in feeding a toddler

Oooh meal time..some days it can feel like winning the lottery and others like putting teeth. One day we LOVE eggs, the next, we won’t even give them a poke with our fingers. One day we LOVE sweet potato fries, the next, we squish them in our hands and throw them on the floor, along with every single piece of chicken nugget in sight.


It is days like this i wish we had a dog, maybe I can rent one just for post meal clean ups.  IMG_4786 IMG_4787  IMG_4792 IMG_4795

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Aspire to Be Announcement

I just created a facebook page for my etsy shop and would love for all of you to “like” it. It will be an up-to-date source for new products and announcements.

Facebook Page

I had the opportunity in the last few weeks to sit down and really think out which direction I want to take my shop. This blog (and my shops blog) will be the main source of news for new products, tutorials, tips, links and all things crafting! I look forward to sharing with all of you the creative journey in revamping Aspire to Be in the coming weeks.

(Pleated Zip Pouch)


Remember all of the items that I sell can be custom made to match any color or theme of your choice. Any item can be personalized with machine embroidery or appliqué. Creating personalized items brings be great joy so please feel free to email me, i look forward to working with you to create the perfect item! Please feel free to email me at

(Handcut Chenille blanket)


Tuesday at The Children's Museum

On Tuesday we were lucky enough to have Alex home with us again for one more day so we decided to go the the children's museum to cap off our great weekend. Liam had a blast. We had not been there since he started walking so that combined with it not being that crowded made for a great day.

Oh course we didn’t to watch some Sesame Street in Egypt. He is a fan no matter what language they are speaking.


Test driving the Indy Car.


Looking at the fish!


Playing with the fruit in Egypt.


Running to the car :-) I just love this picture, he is growing up way to fast!   011811113622

Monday, January 17, 2011

Liam Lately..

Last week Liam and I baked some oh so yummy chocolate cupcakes. He is an excellent sous-chef and taste tester.


This face just makes me laugh. Liam modeling his new slippers I made for him today (tutorial and announcement to come about these).


Alex was off today (and tomorrow, wahooo) so we went out to lunch today. This was Liam and I before we left.


The boy got his first kids meal today, grilled cheese, oranges, and a few fries…with apple juice in a big kids cup. He loved it and was beyond a good boy all day today!


Watching a little Sesame Street on Daddy’s phone.


Sooooo… Liam learned to climb on the couch all by himself last week…oy vey.. luckily he only wants to sit on the couch when one of us are on there too. He just LOVES to climb on everything..011211091819

He got crazy good at using a spoon and fork. Now if only he would actually eat the food that he gets on there so nicely. The other morning He had found Alex’s empty ice cream cup from Sonic and was pretending to eat…silly boy.


On Thursday we had a coloring party! He loved it and did so good (so much better than when i was trying to get him to color Thanksgiving cards back in November).


His first picture hanging on the fridge.


Tonight was an epic night, no really it was. I won a game…none the less be it an xbox game! I took multiple screen shots so i would never forget the sweet victory.

   011711204321 011711204344

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sesame Street Quilt and Snow

I have been making a lot of things lately for orders on etsy and for friends but have not make anything for my own little guy in a while. I purchased this great Sesame Street fabric a few weeks back and decided to do a fun quilt for Liam.

He was super excited!

IMG_4643 - Copy

Our love for Sesame goes deep.

 IMG_4651 - Copy

I loved the way it turned out. It is a mix of flannel, cotton, and fluff minky (his favorite) and backed in a red anti-pill fleece.

IMG_4670 - Copy

 IMG_4667 - Copy

We got about 5 inches of snow yesterday and couldn’t be happier to snuggle under a warm quilt while getting snowed in.

  IMG_4674 - Copy

Once Alex got home we ventured out into the snow to play! It was getting dark but was not as pitch black as the pictures make it seem,

 IMG_4678 - Copy IMG_4679 - Copy IMG_4681 - Copy IMG_4682 - Copy IMG_4684 - Copy

 IMG_4685 - Copy

 IMG_4687 - Copy IMG_4688 - Copy

Monday, January 10, 2011

Weekend Randomness

  • I (with Liam’s help) took down our Christmas decorations last week. I simply hate the way our house looks every January when all of the decorations are gone. It is like we brought the cold darkness of winter inside when all the twinkle lights are gone.

Liam’s tree and our Christmas card tree.

IMG_4626 IMG_4629

  • Mr. Liam still has a cold, booo, and developed a cough which is so sad. Luckily we have some medicine from the doctor from the last time he was sick and it has helped so much.
  • Liam slept past 5am the last three days!!! Seriously, I cannot tell you how happy that has made me! Yesterday we all slept until 7:30…i have never felt so good!
  • Being a parent means spending your Christmas money on an organizational system for all of your kids presents to keep you sane. Oy vey, i cannot tell you how much the clutter way driving me crazy. It is so  much better now!


  • You know how when someone ventures into a new hobby they typically start with a simple beginner project? Not me,  I took on something new late last week and jumped into an advanced i’ve been dong this for yeeeeears project. But, I am happy to say I am LOVING the way it is turning out! (no sneak peak picture, it is a gift)
  • I also learned that sewing while listening to heavy/alternative metal (Tool, I need my daily dose of Maynard) makes me sew faster.
  • I got a new phone!! I had an LG Dare (touch screen) for the last two years and on Tuesday the screen peeled off (when i was waiting for my brothers flight to come in) which in turn meant the touch screen no longer worked (lucky I was still about to call the last person that called me which was my Dad, could not have been a better person to serve as the middle man in talking to my brother and I with the whole flight thing). So Tuesday night i got my new one, a LG Vortex, and to say i love it would be an understatement. How did I last so long in the social networking world without a smart phone? It is awesome!
  • The Pandora app has become a new obsession, my favorite “station” is Temple of the Dog, total awesomeness!
  • Remember when Liam got a ball pit back when he was only 5 months old. We we didn’t have it up for a few months now and just put it back up when we took the tree down and oh my goodness he LOVES it! I am so glad we took it down and just now put it up when he is at an age that he really enjoys it. He DIVES in and out all day and loves putting the balls down the ramp.


  • My (little guy) picky eater (since i have two picky eaters living with me) ate margarita pizza and grilled cheese this weekend. It was a major victory!  

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Belated Christmas and New Years

Alex’s parents came to visit us for New Years and we got to celebrate a belated Christmas with them.  All three of us got completed spoiled with gifts from him parents, Aunt and Steve and Grandmother. Thank you all for the generous gifts!!!!

Liam looked so funny (and cute) with a bow on his head. He was getting sleeping so I couldn’t get a good picture without him rubbing his eyes.


The living room post gift opening madness!


That afternoon we went to the Indianapolis Auto Show to see all the new 2011 models. Liam got to model by a few.


We did a whole lot of playing!!


…and then someone came down with a cold and cut three molars! My poor feverish boy….. DSCN0797

Liam and Grandpa


Lucky boy getting a back rub, he was loving it!



Liam LOVES this toy from his Aunt Ona, Uncle Tom and Cousin Maria (thank you!!). IMG_4592

Searching for Elmo with Grandma


Our happy family and Liam with a cookie icing stained mouth! (can’t imagine where he gets he red eye in pictures from…)