Monday, July 8, 2013

3rd Annual Summer Party

On Thursday we hosted our 3rd Annual Summer / 4th of July party! It was the best party to date. This is my favorite party we host because it always coincides with my brother visiting from North Carolina.

We started off the 4th with the local parade. Liam was in an off mood that morning and only wanted to be with Alex. Actually he was in that mood most of the weekend and only wanted to be with the "boys" in "their club" so i don't have a ton of pictures of Liam due to his dislike for the female gender this week.

The first picture is from this year and the second is from last year, same hats and all. 

Little Lucy on the other hand was having a blast and dancing around enjoying the morning!

Goodness i love this girl!

Here it comes!

 The kids collected a lot of candy! It was like Halloween without having to go door to door.

... and just like last year baby girl zonked out holding her flag (still using that same style paci).

and then it was party time!!!! We had a great array of foods and desserts for everyone and lots of games set up as well as swimming. It was a beautiful, HOT, summer day!!

Evan turned 9 years old on the 3rd and my parents got him a racing game. Here are the boys testing if out. 

Since Lucy skipped her nap she fell asleep on my Mom around 5 and took a nice hour long snooze on the couch mid-party. 

The dessert table! We had birthday cupcakes (strawberry cream filled), blueberry pie, cherry cobbler, rice krispies, sugar cookies, and patriotic popcorn. 

My parents sitting with a sleepy Lucy. 

Matt and I 

Happy Birthday Evan!


gotta love a pause in the game for chicken crossings! 

Just like last year we set off some fireworks. SO much fun!

The party ended up lasting all weekend long. Alex and I love to entertain so having people over to eat and swim all weekend was such a joy. We said last night it honestly felt like we had been on a vacation. We were relaxed and very tan by the end of it all. On Friday almost everyone was back at our house for round 2 and Alex cousin, Joey, brought his camaro over for Liam. Needless to say the kid was in heaven! 

My girls finally started laying eggs last week! YAY!!!! 
Our rooster "Foghorn", he is a pretty guy and a good protector for his ladies! 
My sweet girl and I after swimming.


an epic battle of badminton!

Capping of the night with our local fireworks.