Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 12 of 30 Days of Blogging – Something you are OCD about

Raw meat…..[excuse me while i run and wash my hands and scrub down the whole kitchen after simply typing those words]…i am OCD about raw meat.


Honestly, everything that comes within a four foot diameter of rawness gets scrubbed each and every time. The dishwasher has to be empty so knives and cutting boards can go straight into it instead of contaminating the sink.

I once hyperventilated because the grocery cashier put meat in the same bag as product?!? Seriously, isn’t that on some kind of cashier training video they make you watch?

Aside from my germaphobic tendencies towards meat I can at times me OCD about things being even. I have to kiss Liam and Alex twice and need to be kissed by Alex twice before bed and before he leaves for work. It is all about balance and feeling off balanced makes me feel anxious.

Now if we really wanted to start talking OCD we’d need to have a guest post by my brother :-) Alex and I love watching the show Obsessed, about people suffering with different forms of OCD. We learned from the show that in order to overcome your anxiety you need to go through different exposures, sit with the anxiety, and it will eventually come down. Well we put Matt through an  exposure the other night and made him buy a book from Target that had a bend to one page…the boy did good and made it though unscathed.

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