Saturday, October 20, 2012

Liam's Monster Truck 3rd Birthday Party

Today we had Liam's 3rd Birthday Party! We have been talking about his Monster Truck Party for months and he was so excited that today was the big day. He wanted pizza, cupcakes, and lollipops at his party. I loved his dessert table but boy oh boy do i need to move this table in the future for picture taking purposes, the lighting is horrible!

Lollipops per the birthday boys request. 

I loved the way his birthday banner turned out, it looked really cute in person. 

Happy Birthday to you....

Our favors were monster truck sugar cookies. 

The food: pizza (lots and lots of pizza), chicken wing bites (amazing!), fall salad (pear, cranberry, and pecan), and apple cars (which were a huge hit with Liam). 

For the last few weeks Liam has talked about wanting a red trumpet and a red rocket ship. He was so excited this morning when he opened his red "trumpet" from Alex and I. He's been playing it all day. We also got him a red rocket ship that he loved playing with, a Monster Truck shirt, a Cars watch, and a Tractor book. 

While singing "Happy Birthday"

He was scared of the candle and Dada helped him blow it out

Opening presents...lucky lucky boy!!!

Grandma and Pebbles..... i mean Lucy

Blessed beyond words for each and everyone of these people! 

Liam's grand finale present a bicycle from Aunt Debbie,  Uncle Steve, and Nana.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Beach Day (finally!)

It was finally hot enough to enjoy a long morning at the beach!! 

someone is loving be able to walk around! 

Liam LOVED getting hit by the waves! He did not want to get out of the ocean!

We spent a lot of time this morning skim boarding, which was so much fun!

Liam with his sand monster truck track. 

After lunch we headed down to the pool.

Liam's puddle jumper is by far the best thing for a toddler to have in a pool! He can swim by himself so well and just loved swimming today. 

Before dinner tonight i got pictures of the whole group. Jer and Kim left this afternoon for home so we got their picture before they left.