Monday, August 9, 2010

Yupp….a post of total randomness

If you have ever met Liam in real life…this would totally explain a lot.IMG_2633

HAHA I simply cannot imagine this kiddo caffeinated!

On Friday Liam and I hit up a community garage sale with our friends Sara and her daughter Sage (who Liam smooched on Wednesday). I got him two Ralph Lauren rugby shirts (that he won’t wear until he is 4 but they were too good to pass up), three Elmo dvds, and a blues clues plate that he loves. On Saturday morning Alex, Liam and I went to another community sale and found this great play table. These play tables are well worth their weight in goal at this stage. Liam LOVES them!!!!


He was super excited for his new toy. IMG_2643

I have been trying to get a picture of my new haircut, this is the best i could to. It was the end of the day, hence both of us in jammies.

DSC02587 DSC02588

Liam practicing his spelling.


The boy is getting better and better everyday walking with help. Although most times he looks like a little ballerina. He is doing so good walking between objects thought, like the coffee table cubes and the couch or the exersaucer and recliner. He always does stuff better on his own than with our help.

On Friday Liam and I went to TJ Maxx after a lunch date with Alex and I got him a set of new sippy cups. The brand is Tilty and so far we really like them. Okay, so they are not spill proof which can be messy but the way they are designed they don’t need to be tilted back very far to be able to drink out of them. There are a few different lids you can get for them, a regular flow, slow flow, smoothie lid (which a straw fits in), and a travel lid.


Okay once again i really just need to ask…how did he get so big!!!! Seriously, a SHORT nine months ago he looked like this….


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Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

I'm gonna have to look into those sippys....I seriously don't understand how poor Luke can drink sometimes, the way his head is tilted back!