Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 13 of 30 Days of Blogging – A Fictional Book

Since I already wrote about my favorite books earlier in this challenge I thought i’d share Liam’s current favorites, and yes, i just realized they are all Sesame Street related..what can i say he is a PBS kid!

First is Elmo Loves Hugs. I got him this book for Valentines Day and he just loves it. It has big, bright pictures of his favorite Sesame Street characters (Elmo, Baby Bear, and Abby). It only has a sentence per page so it is great for my 5 second attention spanned tot.


Liam loves Ernie. He has this little plastic Ernie that he carries around most of the day, we rarely leave the house without him anymore. Anyway, I got this book at half priced books a few weeks ago and Liam took to it very fast. The rhymes are cute and short and the pictures are adorable.


And last but not least is Liam’s favorite book. I have it memorized because we read it about ten times a day, at least three times before each nap. He LOVES this book and will sit contently through the whole thing. As soon as i close it and say “the end” he is grasping to open it back up to start again. I couldn’t even find a picture of this book on the internet or on any book store website. The picture i have shown below is the best i could find but ours is a larger sized book (same cover) and is not a ‘golden book’. I got it at half priced books a few weeks ago so I am not sure if it is even a book still in print or now but if you have a kiddo who likes Sesame Street I would try and track this one down somewhere. It is the classic mother goose rhymes we all know but with an added Sesame Street twist (Twinkle twinkle little star Elmo wonders what you are…) you get the gist.


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