Friday, April 29, 2011

17 Weeks (and 4 days…better late then never)

I kept putting off publishing this weeks update because, well, i didn’t really get “dressed up” this week because I didn’t have a car which means Liam and I didn’t go anywhere which meant I didn’t feel the need to change out of yoga pants. Anyway, I am just posting without a picture for my documenting purposes. I will note that I did add a gender voting poll on the right side so make sure to log your vote before mid-May.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: same as last week,  +0 total I am back to my starting weight now.

Maternity Clothes: Pants yes because they are so much more comfortable and some shirts that aren’t too big.

Gender: Three weeks!! I added a gender poll to my sidebar so take a second to vote on what you think this kiddo is going to be!! (ahem…that means you too family members that are reading)

Movement: Yes, i am 100% positive that I am feeling this kiddo now. They are much more quite than Liam was that is for sure but I do get the reassurance a few times a day that they are in there and doing okay.

Sleep: mmm yes i’d still love more

What I miss: nothing

Cravings: food haha I have just been hungry this week!

Symptoms: heartburn (really didn’t miss that) and sciatica pain (already?!) I had a lot of sciatica pain with Liam during the last third of my pregnancy with his but it has started already with this one. Last week was the worst but I am feeling much better this week. I have not been as sick this week, still had a few bad days and very sensitive to some smells but overall better.

Best Moment this week: Spending Easter with family and not having to drive 12 hours to enjoy the holiday together! We also had beautiful weather the end of last week into this week and Liam and I are loving being outside!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

18 Months Old

Yesterday Liam and I went to his 18 month well baby check up and got to meet his new doctor. He was very good but totally not into the idea of having someone make him stop running  around to check him out.


He was 26 pounds (this was the first time he was weighed without clothes on, this old doctor just made them take their shoes off, and 32 inches tall, his BMI was in the 80%tile…the kiddo is just solid. He checked out great and the doctor was pleased with all of the things he is able to do. The next time we got back to the doctors with be for little sister/brothers first check up…crazy!

His favorite things to do at this age is play with his trucks, cars and trains. He can climb on everything (like when he spotted a pack of hot wheels i was hiding from him on the dining room table and pulled the chair out, climbed on, then climbed on the table grabbed the hot wheels, stood up and started dancing). He loved to run outside (and in laps around the  house) and just loves being outside in general. He “talks” all day but only has a few words he says regularly which are “car”, “truck”, “train or choo choo”, “dog”, “cat”, “juice”, “fish”, “dada”, “ball” and a few others. He LOVES to point out cars, trucks, and trains. His favorite show is Thomas (i never thought it would be anything but Sesame Street). He can walk up and down the stairs just holding onto one of my fingers. Loves to stack everything, not the normal things like blocks but odd things like plastic baseball bats, and random items from the pantry. He has become very affectionate and loves to give hugs and kisses. He is a picky eater when it comes to sitting down and eating what we eat at dinner time but the kid LOVES fruit (any kind), cereal (any kind), grilled cheese, french fries, french toast, pancakes, we got him to eat whole grain breaded chicken fries and it was a major victory in the protein department, oh and of course his favorite sweets are M&Ms, sprinkles, and marshmallows.

He has 12 teeth that are fully in and three canines that have just broken through. He is wearing size 18 month clothes and 18-24 month pajamas, a size 4 diaper, and size 6 shoe.




Yesterday Liam and I had lunch (and dinner since Alex was running late from work) at his new table and he LOVED it! He sat the entire time and ate his whole meal.

DSC02925 DSC02928

It was beautiful yesterday (81 degrees!) so we got to set up Liam’s new water table for him to play with after dinner while Alex cut the grass (on the tractor which Liam is scared to death of). DSC02929 DSC02930  DSC02934

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

Our Easter weekend started on Saturday with a trip to Jim Thorpe for a kids Easter party hosted by Alex’s Dads work. Liam got his Easter basket from Grandma and Grandpa before we left. His favorite were the matchbox cars he got from inside Easter eggs.


Playing with his Chuck quad before our ride.


Alex taught him to play air hockey.


Watching the horses come down the road for our ride.

Horse drawn carriage ride with the Easter Bunny. He loved it! Giving bunny a hug or trying to take a nap.


After Liam went to bed on Saturday Alex and I got to work playing Easter Bunny and totally redid our family room. We put the tv on a wall mount and got a new corner bookshelf to use as a smaller entertainment stand which freed up room for the table and chairs we got for Liam (major score at Marshalls for %50 off).

Here is his Easter basket.


Liam and his crazy hair opening his Easter treats.



Next up we went over to my parents house for Easter lunch. My parents got him a really nea


He probably ate a pound of M&Ms throughout the day….oh did we pay for that at bedtime… IMG_5276

Next we went to Alex’s grandmothers house for dinner with his family.

Liam was so excited to see he got a Percy train (from Thomas)!! He has not put it down since.


Hunting for Easter eggs!


Waving bye-bye, clearly he just wanted to play with his train.


Friday, April 22, 2011

Its been…

22 and a half months since the day we found out we were having a boy and 22 and a half months until I finally got to give that little boy a mohawk :-) finally! IMG_5225

Happy Good Friday! IMG_5230

Thursday, April 21, 2011

First haircut

As a way to ring in his 18th month Liam got his first haircut today! I was so torn as to whether or not to cut it but I am so glad we did because he really did need it. He got a trim around his neck and ears and about an inch taken off in length all over so we can spike it!


I didn’t have high hopes that this would be a pleasant experience but he did SO GOOD! He was thrilled to ride on the turtle and the stylist turned the turtle so that he could watch all the cars and trucks drive by.  (in the picture below he is pointing out every car or truck he saw)



He even got a certificate to mark the day.


My big boy and his new do.

   IMG_5212 IMG_5209

Monday, April 18, 2011

Breakfast with the Easter Bunny (aka Liam’s BFF)

Sunday morning Alex’s parents, Alex, Liam, and I went to breakfast with the Easter Bunny and had such a good time! I never expected Liam to have the reaction to the bunny that he did. Aren’t 18 month olds suppose to me scared to death of people in costumes and cry while you try to snap a quick picture? Yeah, that is what i thought. Well Liam LOVED the bunny, actually I don’t think loved is a big enough word for his feeling towards the bunny.


This was right after the bunny came in and Liam was squealing with excitement over the big bunny playing with him. IMG_5160


Picking bunny’s nose. See they are best friends forever already.


My big boy with the Easter Bunny. He would have sat on his lap all day had we let him. At the end he even got into his nap position and zoned out on the bunny like he was ready to conk out. IMG_5170

16 Weeks

How Far Along: 16 weeks


Total Weight Gain/Loss: +3 since my last appointment but +0 total, I am back to my starting weight now.

Maternity Clothes: Pants yes because they are so much more comfortable and some shirts that aren’t too big.

Gender: Four weeks!!

Movement: More pokes this week than last :-)

Sleep: I need more of it!!

What I miss: nothing, except maybe feeling good 

Cravings: nothing to strong this week, still loving everything fresh (the produce section is my favorite!)

Symptoms: still sick (i am pretty sure I reverted this week…ugh), exhausted, persistent headache which I am pretty sure is from being tired, and heartburn already!! I have not had heartburn since the day before I had Liam…and yeah, I didn’t miss that!

Best Moment this week: Feeling more defined movement has definitely been the best!

I had my second appointment this week and to be honestly I am considering finding another group of doctors to go to. I knew moving here any doctor I had had big shoes to fill because my experience with Liam was so phenomenal, I would give anything to be able to go to my doctors again! Every time I go into the new office I leave with a bad feeling like it is just not the right fit.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

This week in pictures

We have entered the stage of wanting to share our food with everyone and everything. Liam was have a popsicle the other day and sat down with cat on his lap and proceeded to share every other lick with cat. Last weekend we had a special donut day for breakfast and Liam was sharing his powdered sugar donut with Nigel and poor Nigel had a big ol white nose after the experience.  IMG_5124

Sonic lemonade and snap pea crisps make a great post shopping afternoon snack. IMG_5134 IMG_5139

Everyday Liam empties out this red bucket and wears it on his head while riding his quad like a helmet. We honestly have no idea where he came up with this idea but it cracks us up. We told him he is able to do more extreme riding with his helmet on.

  IMG_5151 IMG_5154

We (and by we I mean Alex) swapped out all of our appliances yesterday. Liam wanted to be a helper taking out the old one :-)


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

15 Weeks

How Far Along:  15 weeks (and two days)

(Note: yes, we have a pink bathroom (even the ceiling is pink … wow), we are closing on Tuesday and the pink will be long gone come the weekend!!!)


Total Weight Gain/Loss: I honestly have no idea, i have not gotten on a scale since my last doctors appointment, i guess i’ll find out Friday.

Maternity Clothes: Yes, by choice. My regular clothes do fit but they are not comfortable and when you are running around with a toddler all day you want to be comfy so i have made the switch over to maternity pants. The shirts I have been wearing are regular shirts but they are not tight shirts (I love the ones with elastic on the bottom). I came to the realization that I am just a smaller size starting this pregnancy than I was with Liam and went out and bought a new pair of jeans in a smaller size and they are WONDERFUL!

Gender: OOoooh I could do a whole post on this. Even before we started trying for #2 I had dreams we would have a girl (in most dreams I was pregnant with a girl). When I went to my first appointment a few weeks ago the heartbeat was 177 which is a classic old wives tale that it would be a girl because it was high. I am so convinced that it is a girl that if they tell me in May it is a boy it will rock my world LOL. Honestly, it is so bad I feel at times I have already been told it is a girl (like, I may have even bought a few girl things…oy!)……. we shall see how true maternal gut instinct is in 5 weeks.

Movement: A little bit here and there, i think. Mostly when Liam is laying on me or I am laying on my stomach.

Sleep: I have to nap with Liam everyday or I get so tired I get horrible headaches in the late afternoon. I have not gotten that burst of energy in the second tri yet.

What I miss: Nothing ….. no doubt i was missing being able to have a drink during the stress of the move LOL 

Cravings: Nothing to strong these last few weeks. Still loving soft serve ice cream, pop corn (both of which i was not a huge fan of pre-pregnancy),  popsicles, and I about ate my weight in watermelon and rice krispie treats last week.

Symptoms: still sick every once in a while in the morning (you know your morning sickness was bad when your toddler stand by the toilet and pretends to gag …. oy the joys of the second time around LOL), and tired!

Best Moment this week: Finally having some beautiful weather and getting to enjoy it with my boys.

Loving Spring

Slow melt mini popsicles are the best for an (almost) 18 month old! We will have many more this summer for sure.


It is amazing how much spring can brighten your mood! Ooooh how long i’ve been waiting for a nice 70 degree day! Liam and I had a lot of errands to run this day and it was so much easier to do without big bulky winter coats on.

IMG_5106 IMG_5109

Liam is totally going to be one of those kids you have to yell at to come inside and eat dinner and drag inside once it is totally dark, the boy LOVES to be outside!

IMG_5111 IMG_5112

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday day off

Since Alex worked this weekend he was off today and Friday. Today we were expecting a huge order to come in at Sears with our new washer, dryer, range and tractor. Alex headed down to pick it up this afternoon while Liam and I made some cookies and cream rice krispie treats, he was such a good helper aka taste tester, he can eat his weight in marshmallows.


Testing out the new tractor. He was SO excited when he saw this on the back of the truck.  IMG_5085

A few weeks ago we got Liam this little cat and he just loves it and loves on it. He makes everyone give “oreo” kisses and gives him/her lots of kisses too. Why yes that is his Tigger halloween costume….he carries it around most of the day like a blankie.

 IMG_5089 IMG_5091

Liam's favorite activity is going though all of the kitchen drawers and pulling out some random items to make into toys. Tonight it was a loose leaf tea strainer which became a really cool hat for everyone. IMG_5092 IMG_5094

I absolutely love the phase we have just entered where we put everything back and close doors. It is just too cute to see him run back and put something away and close the door or drawer, plus the house stays a little bit cleaner with my little helper.

I’d also like to give a big Happy Birthday wish to my best friend since kindergarten, Cristen, and a great blog friend Stephanie. I hope you girls had a wonderful day!!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011


Crazy bed head!! This kiddo is so happy to be back in his crib after a week of sleeping in a pack and play.


Liam got a quad from Aunt Kerri, Uncle John and Evan and he is loving it! He sits on it to watch tv (well…as of right now DVDs), have snacks, and ride it around the house.



From the moment I found out the old owner of our new house was an artist I just knew i’d have awesome natural light for pictures!


Some of our “family members” are less than excited to be reunited.


Over the weekend we finally had some nice weather (well it was almost 50 which felt amazing since it has been so cold all winter). Liam had an awesome time exploring his new backyard. IMG_5052 IMG_5074IMG_5054 IMG_5063  IMG_5076 IMG_5078