Monday, December 9, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Christmas Home Tour 2013

I love, love, love decorating for Christmas. I am fairly certain it is because of how much i HATE winter. Decorating gives me something to do and makes the house feel so very cozy. This is probably why come January i contemplate running away to Florida daily, haha. So without further ado here is a tour of our home this year all decked out for Christmas, there are a few bits and pieces i didn't get a chance to photograph yet but will add later this month. 

This year we have 5 trees, three of which are full sized trees. Here is Lucy with out "fun tree" in the playroom/family room. In the past this tree was red and green with plaid deco mesh but after seeing a red, aqua and white tree on pinterest i was inspired to switch it up this year. Here is the final product. 

A few weeks ago Alex's Mom took the kids for the day and made this ornament as a surprise for Alex and I. We LOVE IT!!!! 

Our steps, i have since added a little bit of copper in there after finishing up the dining room.

This is the newest tree in our master bedroom. Last year after the Holidays i picked this up on super clearance, along with the ornaments.  It is so nice to have the tree on in our room when we go to bed, we love the ambiance it gives.

Also in our bedroom, this photo is from 2006 at my parents house on Christmas Eve. 

Liams tree which is always so hard to get a nice picture of. His tree is adorable but does not photograph nice at all, it makes me sad every year! This year i added the printed burlap ribbon to it which i love, it is very 'boy-ish' and fun.

Lucy tree. She calls it her 'princess tree'.

Back downstairs in our kitchen is a few fun things. This smoker i acquired from Alex's Mom years ago and just love it. The Mrs Meyer's orange clove cleaner is becoming out signature scent this year, it is amazing!!!

Edgar hanging out in the kitchen having a cookie.

Our kitchen table, i went with a simple rustic theme in the kitchen this year. I love how it came together and that i can keep it our even after Christmas. 

In the playroom. 

Our dining room. I totally threw this room together with some things i had in the basement that i had picked up the end of last year. Lots of greens, pine cones, and copper accents with a simple burlap table runner. 

Our living room tree, which is also hard to get a picture of every year. This tree is georgous in person. This year I added burlap ribbon to this tree, as well as some white owls (Harry Potter love!).

Moving outside i draped some garland over our mailbox and decorated with some gold and red. 
Last year i also got a great deal ($4 each) on wreaths and purchased enough to put on our upstairs window this year. I added some gold ribbon to match what i do on our porch. 

The chickens even got a wreath on their coop! 

Extra pictures :-) The kids went to a Christmas party yesterday and i attempted a picture before we left :-) They looked adorable in their matching green outfits. 

Here is the picture from the party. Alex and I went on an adventure to NY to get a present for Liam so we didn't get to attend the party with them. I about died when i saw this picture, oh how i love it! 

A fun thing i got to do this year was decorate a few trees for Alex's Mom and Ashely. This tree is in the sunroom at Alex's parents house and it is probably my favorite tree. It is gorgeous and matched the room beautifully. 

 This tree is in their parlor and is done in gold and red, i loved the big ornaments on this tree!

Last Tuesday the kids and i packed up bags and bags of decor and headed to Ashely house to decorate for Christmas while she was at work. Her living room was done in red and silver. I love this little sign i made her her wine bar. 
 Last but certainly not least is my Mom's tree, the tree that serves as my inspiration every year. It is amazing!!!!