Monday, August 16, 2010

Lots of videos

I finally uploaded a bunch of new videos of Liam, yay!

Alright, so i guess Daddy was not too happy with the dances Liam learned while watching Glee sooo…he did an intervention and taught him to head bang…he is such a rocker . Now every time i ask him to dance he does this.

He is getting really good walking with his walker toys. I have another video i need to get off Alex’s phone that is better.

Although he doesn’t do it in this video one of Liam’s new favorite things to do is crawl behind the recliner and hide until we say “where’s Liam’ and he pops his head up.

About two weeks ago Liam learned how to sit himself up on his knees, before now he would need a toy of some sort to help but now he just does it. He also started jumping on his knees when he gets excited. The next to videos are from the same night playing with his bunny and penguin.

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Tiffany said...

Katelyn likes to do the same "where's" game. It's so much fun! I love those little walking toys. Looks like he is having a blast and is very close to taking off! :)