Saturday, February 27, 2010


Here is a comical example of what happens when a man has his brain turned off.

Last night after Liam’s bath i sat down on the couch to feed him a bottle. I asked Alex if he could run upstairs quick and get Liam a bib so he wouldn’t get him jammies all wet with drool. At this point it comes downstairs, walks over to us and proceeds to put the bib on me?!? What…..obviously i thought he was just being funny but then he walked away, stopped in his tracks and said “What he heck am i doing?!?!” then we both hysterically laughed for a good half hour. Boys…..

Last night i was having an avacado with dinner , since hearing they are a wonderful first food for babies i decided to let Liam try some. I was convinced we were going to get some funny faces out of him being that it is a new and different flavor but nope he loved it and gobbled up the whole bowl. I guess he really didn’t have a choice but to love them because he “tasted” a whole lot of avocado in utero. You can see in this picture that the boy is growing some hair!


How cute is he playing in the tub!



Crystal said...

So fun!! Love feeding the first food and all the cute faces and reactions that come with it!!

Liz and Garth said...

What!? You don't need a bib? My husband always puts one on me. Ha! Just kidding. That made me laugh out loud! And I think I am going to try avacados for Holden. I have heard of giving those to babies before but keep forgetting to try. Also, his bib that you like I have no idea where it was purchased. It was a gift from one of the teachers I used to work with. We love it though! It's big and thick and very absorbent. Perfect for us!.