Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Super Bowl, Play Dates, and Birthday!

Sunday was the super bowl and even though the Colts lost we still had a great time watching the game commercials.


The best part for me was the food. We had little turkey smokies, some in a grape jelly sauce and some wrapped in crescent rolls, pizza bites, pulled chicken BBQ sandwiches, and tenderloin sliders.

superbowl food

Yesterday Liam had a play date with Berkley. He had a wonderful time being around another little kid. He was very content watching him and wanting to jump out and play too. And for me it was so so so good to have another adult to talk to for a little while. I missed Erin so much! She is one of the few people that i can talk to about absolutely anything.


Yesterday was also Alex’s birthday!!! Yay…Happy Birthday Hubby! I did a lot of multi-tasking yesterday with cleaning, making his present, having Liam’s play date, and baking his cake. I loved loved loved his cake! I have been searching for a long time for a good chocolate frosting recipe and found one on allrecipes over the weekend that looked yummy and it was! Still not exactly like the bakery at home Alex loves but we are making forward progress!

DSC01103  DSC01101


So today the boy and i are getting snowed in! We are expected to up upwards of 10 inches by tomorrow which is the most we will have had all year! I was watching the news this morning and Liam was twisting and turning into the most awkward positions to watch the tv.


Then we turned on Sesame Street and he sat on my lap then decided laying on Mama was much more comfy.

 DSC01111 DSC01117

Then we had some cereal…..the boy loves his cereal!


I am so excited to share with you the personalized bibs i ordered for Liam off etsy over the weekend! Jessica emailed me them for approval last night and will be shipping then out today. The are adorable and were such a great price. It is a great shop; they will customize anything you want and are super quick with email responses and turnover time. I ordered these Sunday night at 10pm and she sent me these completed pictures Monday night!  Check out their site Ritzy Rugrats!!

liam bibs small


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