Thursday, February 25, 2010

Guess whose 2!

Today is Nigel, our second fur-baby’s, second birthday!


If a cat could grasp the concept of one day of the year being all about them Nigel has. He has been walking around proud as a peacock all day and it has just been cracking me up. Nigel is a total mama’s boy and i love him very much, he is the best furry snuggler around.

Speaking on snuggling….i need to mention that last night i experienced one of the best, if not the best, two hours of my life. Liam and I went upstairs in the movie room to watch American Idol and lay on the big couch. Well we laid on the couch, snuggled under a blanket for two full hours. Alex came out of the office and fully expected to see Liam passed out given our position. He was shocked when he looked down and the boy was wide awake and contently snuggling with his Mama….oh what i would give to do that every single night!

I thought the boys did MUCH better on AI last night than the girls did on Tuesday night. I still love Andrew Garcia but Lee Dewyze was definitely my favorite last night. He has the kind of voice  i always gravitate towards. Alex calls it the ‘you can tell they smoke a lot of cigarettes” voice.

Lastly, i must link you to a recent post by Erin from Blue Eyed Bride. This has been an issue i have been dealing with over the last few months that has slowly been eating me away. I could not understand some of the feelings i was having.  I was so happy to finally voice this to my Mom who eventually helped me come to the root of the problem. I was happy to finally have the origin of these feelings but did not have the tools to fix it.

Well let me just say that Erin took my thoughts and feelings and put them into words in her post hello, contentment? are you there? Erin and I are round the same age and went through almost every huge life change within a few short years and are now left to just live. I am a planner and i love projects and right now i have nothing big that i am working towards. I am simply living the same monotonous events each day and it is not something i know how to do. I have a few things brewing in my creative toolbox that i am interested in pursuing so i am going to take advantage of this new found realization and set myself up with a few goals to work towards.

I wanted everyone to have this link because before read her post and the amount of responses it got from other women, i thought i was alone and a bad person. What i learned is that I'm not or a bad person.

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