Saturday, February 6, 2010

The one thing i can’t give up…

There are so many things that change once you become a mom, especially a stay at home mom. I would just like to preface and say that i would give up absolutely everything in order to be Liam’s mom, I put the beginning of this post together with a slightly sarcastic flair for humor.

First, you give up your everyday look….for something more comfortable to play on the ground in.


Next it is your shoes….


Then the hair style…

Credit                                                  Credit


Then the make up that you did even if it was to run to the grocery store for milk is …. well… it is just gone…


…but there is one thing that i have found myself giving up that i just can’t! I need to find a solution asap. It is my engagement and wedding ring.


Liam’s new favorite game is when i lay him down in front of me, let him grab hold of my hands and then help him sit up and most of the time then stand up. Well after a few close calls and a scratch to his forehead later i have retired from wearing my rings and it makes me sad. I have been searching on-line for different settings to help with the problem but it is the point on the pear shape that is giving me trouble. I am on a mission to come up with a solution to this dilemma so that i can safely play with Liam but also wear my rings that hold such a deep meaning.


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