Friday, February 5, 2010

Show Us Your Life - Beauty Tips

Today over at Kelly’s Blog, Kelly’s Korner, all the ladies will be posting their favorite beauty tips! I can’t wait to hear what everyone else loves.
When it comes to my beauty routine I have not changed much in years. Similar to what i said last week about fashion i tend to stick with colors and looks what are classic and don’t follow trends very much. Here is a collection of my favorite products that i use on a daily basis.
Hair Care
Believe it or not I love Suave Professionals in radiant brunette. I have found that i helps maintain my hair color and keeps it looking very healthy. One “tip” that i have is to use a lot of conditioner and leave it on for a solid two minutes or more; i will typically use two bottle of conditioner to every one bottle of shampoo.
I dye my own hair every two months or so. My favorite color is Dark Chocolate by Garnier Nutrisse. Every time i go to get my hair cut, whether it be to a pricy salon (who are always shocked) or a chain salon, the beautician always compliments me on how healthy my hair looks and i owe it all to this dye.
For my birthday two years ago my mom bought me a ceramic flat iron and i love it. It heats up very fast, stays hot, and does a wonderful job straightening and making my hair shiny without doing much damage. I have the GVP ceramic flat iron from Sally’s Beauty Supply. It is a great deal!
Chi Flat Iron
Bump its. I have not tried these yet but i really want to. I have attempted to “poof” many times but have had  zero luck. Here are the two looks i think are cute with the bump its.
bumpit2 bumpit
Wash and Moisturize
Bath and Body Works body wash is one little thing that i like to pamper myself with instead of using bar soap or a cheaper body wash. My favorite is Japanese Cherry Blossom.wash
My all time favorite body spray is Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin from Bath and Body Works. If i could wear this all year i would but i hold off until the first crisp day of the year.
In the summer i enjoy the White Tea and Ginger.
My favorite perfume is Euphoria by Calvin Klein but i only use it on special occasions.
I love this face wash and have been using it for a long time. My favorite thing about it is the little scrubbers that are in it and how clean they make my face feel afterwards.
For a face moisturizer i use Cetaphil Daily Moisturizer with a SPF. I like face lotion that absorbs fast (so i can put make up on right after) and gives you a lasting effects, i have found this one to be my favorite.
In the winter my hands get DRY, like red, cracked, and bleeding dry. It is awful and inevitable. One of the worst parts is that i hate lotion. Really i hate it! As you will notice there will be no body lotion listed on my list because the feeling of lotion on my body makes me almost panic. Almost every day i have to say to Alex “make me put lotion on my hands before bed”. Here is THE ONLY hand lotion that i can somewhat stand, Neutrogena Fast Absorbing hand cream. It obviously absorbs fast and does not leave any greasy residue on your hands, that is why i like it.
My make up routine consist of classic colors and a natural look; i have been doing this same routine for years and it takes me all of maybe five minutes at the most.
Physicians formula mineral powder with the bare essentials kabuki brush.
image kabukibrush
Clinique plum gorgeous blush with the bare essentials flawless application brush.
image blush brush
Almay intense i-color eye liner in brown topaz.
Clinique Foxy eye shadow on my lids and Mary Kay spun silk under my brow bone blended together with a bare essentials eye shadow brush.
image  spun silk shadow brush
Physician formula length extending mascara and eye lash curler.
image curler
Sharper Image Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner my rings get so dirty! I was fortunate enough to get this jewelry cleaner a few years ago for Christmas and just love how it gets my rings sparkling clean again.
OPI Nail Polish in Bubble Bath. Okay everyone thinks this story is sort of creepy but funny. I love watching food network and have always loved the nail polish that Giada De Laurentiis wears. So what did i do….i googled it and found out she wears OPI bubble bath. Ever since i have been addicted. It is the perfect balance of pink and natural.
image image
Last but certainly not least to me is my ‘hot thing’. Okay i am not totally sure this qualifies as a beauty product but this is my source of stress relief, relaxation, pain relief, and comfort. I know this sounds ridiculous but it would have been very hard for me to live the last 10 years without this thing. You may think i am crazy (we’ll blame it on the pregnancy hormones) but when i was pregnant i would use this daily and one day i was brought to tears thinking about how much i love it. The original “hot thing’ was a gift from my Aunt Chris to my mom and dad but eventually became mine when i moved out. My parents knew how heavily i rely on it when i have headaches (one time i had a migraine and burned my forehead by falling asleep with it super hot on my head) and let me take it with me when i moved out. Years ago these were all over the mall during the holiday season at kiosk booths in the center. Now a days they are much harder to come by. When the original met its demise two years ago it was a search to find another one. Alex ended up finding me one on the internet and gave it to me for my birthday last year. I ended up re-covering the old one so now i have two! Without further ado here is me and my hot thing.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the OPI Nail Polish in Bubble Bath too! It is the most perfect color! (And yes, I found out about the nail polish the same way you did I actually went on Giada's website and she had it listed there!)

Summer said...

Hi over from Kelly's! Your little one is just presh by the way! I love OPI nail polish when I do paint my nails LOL!
Your bloggy blog is ADORABLE!

Have a Happy Friday and a great weekend
Summer :0)

Ewa said...

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