Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

This pretty much sums up our day week.


He finally got some rest.


I have been in denial that it was possible that my four month old could possible be teething. I know that yes it is possible to start this young but it not common. Well last night, after a long long day with a fussy baby i decided to google teething. What i found is that little man meets all of the “signs of teething”. You can see two tooth buds on his bottom gum, he is drooling like crazy (can easily wet through two bibs a day), is chewing on everything (his hands, his toys, my hands, you name it), he is very cranky and fussy which is totally not Liam, his naps have been extremely restless for the past week and a half (his normal 2-3 hour afternoon nap is now broken up into 10 minute chunks between crying bouts), and his cheeks have been flushed for a little over a week (you can see in his napping picture above. The only signs that he doesn’t have that are fairly common are a low grade fever and diarrhea. Another sign that i have read about is problems with eating or “nursing strike” since he is bottle fed there is no nursing strike but his eating habits have changed these past two weeks. He still wants to eat but has been sucking and then turning his head away and fussing then sucking a few seconds and turning his head to fuss … repeat until bottle is gone. He doesn’t do this at every feeding but probably a little less than half of them he does. I have tried moving up to the medium flow nipple thinking he could be frustrated with the slow flow but that did not stop the problem. I am just not sure overall.  He has his four month well baby visit in a week and a half so hopefully his doctor can give us more information or some advice as to what is going on.

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