Thursday, February 18, 2010

Awesome Surprises!

It is only 1pm and today is already a great day! It all started last night Alex surprised me with an early birthday/Valentine’s gift …. it was the Free AgentGo that i had been wanting to store all of our pictures on!!! I love it. I was so excited and was NOT expecting it. Thank you hubby for spoiling me :-)


Then i got a surprise package in the mail this morning from my mom. She got me bumpits!!!!!!!!! I tried the small one and loved it. I can’t wait to try the other styles, they have some really cute ideas in the book that comes with them. Yay…thank you mom!!


Then i was on twitter and saw that Kim over at Fab Finds Under 50 found a great deal at on Michael Kors sandals for $25, they retail for $220 and $235… amazing!! So i took advantage and ordered two for myself. I love them and i am so excited to wear them once the weather gets nicer.

image image

My two favorite contestants also made it to the top 24 on American Idol! I am very excited for this years competition, they are all amazing but i am pulling for Andrew Garcia and Crystal Bowersox!

So i am on day two of being facebook free…. i really wish they had a twelve step program for this…kidding. It has been challenging, especially on day one when you wake up to see an email notification that one of your old coworkers sent you a message and you have not talked to them in almost 5 months! Here is the icon i made for my facebook profile picture during the next forty days.


It is amazing how Liam develops a little more each day. He is getting so good with grabbing toys and playing. Honestly if you show him anything he will reach out and grab a hold of it. He is starting to really love Sophie! He is able to pick her up and put her right in his mouth, he also loves to use her as a drum stick and bang on everything with her head. He also loves his doorway jumper. Yesterday i put him in there instead of his bouncy seat while i took a shower. I fully expected him to last maybe 10 minutes but he surprised me he was fully content and jumping around after 45 minutes! He is also learning to actually play in his exersaucer. He loves the blue, yellow, and green rollers and gets such a kick out of actually rolling them. He also loves the sun and to grab a hold of it and shake it.

DSC01239 DSC01218

Yesterday we ventured out into the real world to drop something off at the post office. Well….let me just say that this is why i don’t go out. This is Liam during nap time yesterday….(which never ended up happening)…wide awake having a good old time!



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