Monday, February 15, 2010

Our Valentine’s Day Weekend

We had a wonderful Valentine’s Day weekend we started out Saturday morning lounging around in our footie jammies (well Liam and I did) and taking a trip to Starbucks for breakfast (yummm).


On Sunday we started our day with pancakes and then exchanged cards and gave Liam a few little things that we got him for Valentine’s Day. This year he got two lady bug water teethers and an Elmo Loves Hugs book.

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I spent most of the day in the kitchen making our dinner and dessert. For dinner we had homemade Zuppa Toscana soup (Olive Garden knock off), which, oh my goodness, turned out amazing! For our main dish we had homemade beef ravioli and for dessert key lime pie.

Alex and I are participating in The Great Date Experiment but are adapting a modified version to fit our lives. We set aside an hour of time but ended up talking for two hours! I never thought a series of question would spark such an amazing conversation. There are many nights that i go to bed and even though Alex and I may have been in the same room all night or all day i still feel as though i miss him. Our evenings revolve around tending to Liam until bedtime at 9 and after that we immediately jump on our own laptops and don’t say a word to each other until we ask if the other is ready to go to bed or we are glued to the tv. Before last night i could not say that we had ever just sat down without any electronics on and spent time together. There were weights i was carrying and ones he was carrying as well that got lifted last night and it feels amazing. I am so excited to create our weekly schedule of night time events such as tv night, independent night, and electronic free nights.

During our conversation i also committed myself to giving up something for lent. To most people this will almost sound humorous but i think it will have so many position implications in my life and i am actually exited for the challenge. I am going to give up facebook. Not only do i stalk facebook and allow it to consume much of my time but it also has had a way within the last few months of putting me in a funk and i am ready to rid my life of that and hopefully the feelings that it has been creating.


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