Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving this year was so incredibly fun! My parents and brother came down on Wednesday to celebrate with us and my Mom and I cooked all day Thursday.



Liam enjoyed his first donut for breakfast and loved it.


Posing with our turkey!


He was so sweet and gave Daddy a ton of Thanksgiving kisses.


Ready for lunch with his gobble gobble bib.


Post lunch mess!


Eating some chips with Pop and Uncle Matt. He thought sticking his hand in the bag was a lot of fun.


Last year as a held my 5 week old I could not fathom in one year I would be sitting next to him as he chowed down on Thanksgiving dinner with me. He loved, loved, loved the cranberry sauce and sweet potatoes.


Everyone sitting down to eat.


The difference one year makes.

 DSC00529 IMG_4053

Our little family on Thanksgiving.


Yummm whipped cream! He loved the apple cream pie!



The Small Fry said...

Wow Sarah! I'm so impressed with Liam using a regular plate and not picking it up to toss around?! I would need to use a suction plate for Jordan since he loves to turn it upside down! :)

Bev Johnston said...

Your table looked beautiful... this is no surprise to me! I love that your family was there with you!!! I second being impressed with Liam's eating off of a plate. Case's would absolutely have wallpapered the wall and possibly the ceiling 2 minutes in! It looks like you guys had a great time!!!

Stephanie said...

Your little family is so beautiful. I love seeing the picture from last Thanksgiving; Liam has grown and changed so much!