Saturday, November 13, 2010

Liam Recommends – Halo Early Walker Sleep Sack

I have not done a Liam Recommends post in a few months but we have a great product to share today! A few weeks ago the weather here in Indiana started to get cold (then it went up to a whole week of 70+ but that is another story). Since the boy stays under his covers for all of maybe 40 minutes a night I knew we needed to find a solution to keep him warm during the winter. When he was a newborn we LOVED the Halo sleep sack, like, could not have gotten though the first three months kinda love. On my quest to find a bedtime solution I came across the Halo Early Walker Toddler sleep sack. I was so excited to get it last week (at Buy Buy Baby) and try it out.


The pajamas he had on that night did not cover his feet so we put a pair of crew socks on under the sleep sack and they stayed on just fine.


We got the size large, 12-18 month and it is a little big on him but he will definitely get through all of winter with it.IMG_3761

Ya’ll it rocked! Liam slept better than he did in weeks all snuggled up in his sleep sack.

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