Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Coloring with an almost 13 month old

oh the patience it requires, luckily I possessed it for the two days we attempted to get a project done. I will share the finished product later this week but I just had to tell the story of the work that went into it. Part of the project included Liam doing a bit of scribbling for me of eight cards. I admit day 1 was totally my fault as it I sat him down right after he has woken up from his (ridiculously late) afternoon nap and was more interested in dinner than coloring.


All the kiddo wanted to do was throw the crayons or try to eat them or drink from them because they are the same size as his straws. So a bit of frustration goes on between us and he looks at me, gives me a small snarl, and scribbles so hard on that paper with such purpose for a few seconds, looks at me and throws the crayon clear across to the other side…clearly he knew what I wanted him to do.


Fast-forward to day two which was slightly more successful but still a battle to scribble instead of play the drums on the table with him new colorful drum sticks. After we were finally done I addressed the envelops and put the stamps on. As I grab the first return address label to be stuck on i realize that in my flustered, I just made a 13 month old color for two days, mind I had put the stamps on the wrong side of the envelop. Seriously, who does this…. So for those of you reading this post that will receive one of these in the mail…now you know the story of how your stamps got ripped off and glued onto the right side.   


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