Monday, November 15, 2010

Brain Dump

Liam was channeling Christopher Lloyd in Back to the Future with some wicked mad scientist hair. A funny aside, I totally googled Christopher Lloyds name to make sure i spelled it right and come to find out Liam shares a birthday with him.


We tried some new foods for lunch on Sunday, fish sticks, baked carrot fries, slices grapes and raspberries…let’s see how he like it..


Oh yea, he polished it off..


I found this adorable snowman straw sippy cup at Target and could not resist getting it for the holiday season. I am defiantly going back to get him the Santa one too.

I am so grateful to have gotten an influx of etsy orders just in time for the holidays. I spent almost all of my time last week and this weekend working on orders and I am so happy with how they came out. Now I am not onto Christmas shirts and Santa bags which will be available soon.


My favorite item are these stroller blankets, we LOVE them (actually that is an understatement) they are the perfect size and oh so cuddly soft. These two are being shipped out today for Samantha and Jack.


IMG_3858   IMG_3884

Sneak peak at one of our Christmas shirts.


and some more turkey shirts…just in time for Turkey Day..gobble gobble!


Yesterday Alex bought kinect for xbox and one of the dance games that is available. Oh boy did we have fun playing last night. Liam wanted to get in on the dancing action!


What made me laugh the most is that you can see Liam on the screen. With kinect you are the controller and it is picked up with a heat sensor. It is so funny to see Alex dancing and Liam crawling past on the TV.


I am sure most of you have heard of Groupons before but I wanted to throw it out there to anyone who has not taken advantage of this awesome one-day deal site. Groupons in more or less a one day deal site, you put in your city and get deals that are close to wear you live (anything from restaurants to spas or even car washes) or website deals.


One of the tips I have learned is to look at other cities to see if any are running deals for websites which obviously everyone could use. Two of the deals I got recently were Iowa City deals. Last week I got a $50 credit to Paper Moments for $25, I can use it towards cards, stationary, canvases, etc! Today's deal had me SO excited, it was a 16x20 printed canvas for $39, a $99 value! I recently got our first canvas made (blog to come about that) and just LOVE it! I just had to jump on this promotion to get a larger size, now I just need a great picture to have printed on it.


Shannon said...

Those stroller blankets are so cute! What a great idea!

Courtney said...

How do I find your etsy site, I have got to get some of those blankets!