Monday, November 29, 2010

Liam Lately – 13 Months

As i looked back through each and every post about Liam’s first year and studied the series of 12 pictures I always struggled to find when he changed the most. Was it between month six and seven, eight and nine, eleven and twelve? I never found the answer. The whole first year was such a gradual transition. It is amazing to look back at the beginning and then fast forward to see just how fast that transition happened right in front of my eyes and I did not see it.   But the transition from a twelve month old to a thirteen months old….WOW i clearly saw it happen, each and everyday I saw Liam change right in front of my eyes into the TODDLER that he is today! He is my little man, no longer a baby boy, he is my toddler and I love it.


At 13 months you are:

Walking everywhere!


Can stoop and retrieve.

Can stand up without using your hands.


Eating table food like it is going out of style! You love eggs, pancakes (cinnamon and banana are your favorite kinds), french toast, chicken nuggets, tater tots, mandarin oranges, bananas, raspberries, green grapes, peaches, apples, french fries, peanut butter crackers, gerber fruit strips, apple juice, and snap pea crisps.


Playing, playing, and more playing. You love your train table and driving your trains on everything and everyone, throwing balls from your ball pit, xbox controllers,and cars! You also love Sesame Street!

You hate bread (but like rolls) and pasta. I tried to give you peanut butter and jelly one day for lunch which resulted in you poking the bread with one finger and then screaming with huge crocodile tears while throwing each and every piece of sandwich at me.


You still don’t talk all that much, you babble all the time but the only real words you say are Mama (when you are upset) and Dada. You have said cat, egg, ball, and mumbled touchdown behind your paci a few times.

Ooooh the personality you have developed. Liam you crack us up!  You still love being around people and smiling at everyone when we are out. You love to clap because you know we will all start clapping with you. You love to do “touchdown” with a huge smile on your face. You give high fives, kisses, and the best hugs! One of the best things you have done this month, since learning to walk, it walk over to me and throw all your weight into me and wrap your arms around me for a hug…it is the best!


You love to point at everything be it something you want (which actually makes life a lot easier when you want a drink or snack) or just something you want me to notice as well. You loved pointing at the “pretty lights” on the fall garland on the mantel. You often point with your knuckle so we have been calling you Mr. President.

You weigh around 24 pounds, and are over 30 inches tall. You wear almost all 18 month clothes and pjs and are a size 4.5 shoe. You sleep from around 8pm to 6:30 am if you take two naps a day (usually one at 10 and another at 3). We have had many days lately of going down to one nap per day from 12-2 and you usually go to bed around 7 and wake at 6:30. It seems as though that is what works best for you and what you are trying to transition to.

Liam, it seems as though every day gets more fun! I say it every month but honestly I really can’t wait to see what next month has in store for us and the adventures and memories it holds.

Love you always,


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