Monday, November 22, 2010

Our weekend

Yesterday I felt as though I reached another milestone as a parent as I was seen literally running through Target in an attempt to score a toy for Liam that was on super sale and hard to find to begin with. Luckily, I got it! I had been eyeing up the Little People Nativity   set for a while now and was online trying to find the best price when I just happen to click on the link to Targets website and saw that it was on sale for $14 (normally $45…yeah, big sale). So I rushed over to the Target by our house and the shelves were empty. A sales clerk said they had a feel left in the one a few miles away so I went over there and literally ran through the store trying to find it. They still had a few left and one had Liam’s name on it!

When I got home we set it all up to play.


I think Liam felt bad that Mary had to give birth in the manger and through he’d take her over to the hospital himself in the back of him pickup.


Liam practiced more of his walking this weekend and learned to stoop and retrieve and even stand up by himself but how he stood up by himself is interesting. Of course he did it successfully multiple times but as soon as I got the camera out I only got him doing it once and loosing his balance at the very top. It was pretty amazing to watch him stand up how he does because he doesn’t use his hands, he simple kneels and plants one foot on the floor and “steps” up.


Remember that time I almost died of cuteness overload…totally due to this winter hat! 1116000741 DSC02863

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Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

Love that her put her in the truck! Ah, boys. :)