Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Garbage Disposal

no, no our garbage disposal is in fine and working order but we have added a second one in our house recently… this big guy! Wholly eating machine Batman! This kid can put back the food anymore.


We found out Liam LOVES chicken nuggets (I admit we found out with McDonalds but since then i have stocked our freezer with some very tasty organic nuggets). Also he adores ketchup, like every single bite needs to be slathered in the stuff, he even knows how to dunk them himself.


He can put back a whole large banana in 3 minutes and fruit cups watch out we are looking at maybe a minute for a cup of mandarin oranges.


Yummm and eggs are our new favorite breakfast food.


and the best news of all it has been over a week since Liam had any formula! Yahoo for our grocery bill!! He is drinking 16 ounces of whole milk a day and doing well with it.

For someone who loves to cook, seeing your child happily chow down on something you made him makes your heart happy.


The Bignon Family said...

I can't wait for that stage! Nicholas hates when I try to feed him now. He thinks he can do it himself, but he isn't there yet, beyond puffs and yogurt melts! Way to go Liam!

Sara said...

Maybe Liam can give some pointers to Sage and help her become a better eater? Glad Liam is doing so well!