Saturday, May 1, 2010

Things I am loving right now

I have so many bookmarks of items that i love and one day hope to come back to and purchase; here are the things i am loving right now:

 Balboa Cart Cover: Provides 360 degree germ-free zone, four elastic corners for one-handed installation, toy loops to attach toys, extra wide safety strap.

After a HORRIBLE trip to the grocery store last week and a fight with the shopping cart cover i have which resulted in  me whipping it in anger back into the car…i am on the hunt for a new one. One thing i learned from this….do NOT buy something because you think it is cute, read reviews first, i learned this the hard way. And just because i despise this cart cover so much and would not want anyone else to have to struggle with it…it is the Infantino Funny Famer cover. So i came across the Balboa Cart Cover on amazon and i am in love with the black with geo trim.

cart1 cart3 cart4 

Britax Blink - Cowmooflage Stroller aka the ultimate umbrella stroller! Lightweight, holds a child up to 55 pounds, large canopy to block sun/wind/rain, layback recline, 5 point harness, and an under seat basket for storage. I am so in love with this stroller.


Kelly Moore B-Hobo Camera Bag – I am definitely in need of a bag for the new camera. I’d love to get a fashionable bag instead of the regular canon case. I love this bag by Kelly Moore it is super cute and practical.

bag1 bag2


Green Flower and Pearl Necklace – i saw this on Etsy and just think it is adorable. I love the mix of the metal chain, pearls, and flower. Although i think a Mommy Necklace is more what i need right now since Liam broke two necklaces on me this week alone.


RuMe Reusable Bags/Baggies – I have a ton of those canvas reusable bags that you can buy anywhere from whole foods to target to the dollar store but i never remember to use them. The main reasons i don’t use them is because i store them in the house and i forget to take the with me and because they take up so much room in the cart because they don’t fold down conveniently. Well the RuMe bags are the answer. Not only are the stylish but they fold down to nothing so storing them in your purse would be so simple. The small baggies are just too cute, they would be great to use for snacks on the go instead of always using plastic sandwich bags.

rume1 rume3 rume4 rumebaggie – A great way to make sure you never lose your posts and turn them into a special keepsake. You can have your book printed in hard or soft cover or get a .pdf for electronic use. One thing that i am always afraid of is something happening to blogger and losing all of the posts. I am hoping to do a book from the  beginning of my pregnancy through Liam’s first year and then a book every year after that… is going to take me forever to go through and spell/grammar check all of those early posts when i never proof read.

book1 book2

Crate and Barrel Cups – I think they are just darling.

lemondade spoon1

cups4 juice3

TOMS Shoes – TOMS shoes are so cute for summer but also support a great cause. For every pair of shoes purchase they give a new pair to a child in need. One for One.


Lampe-Berger Etretat Lamp with Pumpkin Delight Fragrance – From what i’ve heard Lampe Berger lamps are wonderful at diffusing amazing fragrances throughout your house. The most amazing reason Lampe Berger is the purification of air. I have no idea how it works but it sounds amazing.



I am in the works on a DIY project for the kitchen that i am really excited about, i can’t wait to share it once i am done! In the end it will be a savings of over $150! Alex is working this weekend so the boy and I have been on our own … we can’t wait until 6 o’clock! I am making these for dessert tonight…..i doubt they will look half as good as Annie’s but i’m hoping they taste the same.


For the last two days Liam has been getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth… constantly. Yesterday he started moving his knees forward in the crawling motion. We were so excited! Honestly though i can foresee how life with a crawler is going to be and i just might be okay with him not doing it for a little while. He is so strong and already gets into everything. He somehow wiggled and spun his way across the living room floor and had both hands up on the ball pit trying to crawl in…seriously child you are 6 months old can we please just snuggle instead.

IMG_1114 IMG_1121

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