Monday, May 31, 2010

…and he’s off

I know i’ve talked a lot about Liam crawling lately but it simply amazes me how fast he went from no movement, to throwing himself forward, to full out crawling within days. I feel like within these last five days or so he has become a whole new child, doing so many new things. He is babbling all the time, eating his yogurt melts and puffs like a pro (and loving them!), and off course exploring, getting into trouble, and chasing the poor cats.

Here is a few clips from the last few days of Liam crawling, he got so good so fast.

Liam eating his yogurt melts. I have a feeling Alex is getting tired/annoyed with he going “come look, he is so cute when he chews” but i can’t help it, i think it is adorable.

The babbling boy…starting to get a few “dada’s” here and there.

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