Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Searching for the perfect (post-baby) bathing suit

Let’s be real…this Mama will not be wearing an itsy bitsy teeny tiny yellow polka dot bikini this year. So i’ve been in search of the perfect bathing suit. Here is what i am loving…

These from Lands End….yes, i guess they are what you would call a “mama suit” but i am a Mama and I am okay with that. I’d rather be confident and comfortable instead of not being able to breath because i am sucking in so hard.

suit1 suit3

suit2  suit25

and this one from Macy’s (front and back).

suit9 suit95

…then i headed over to Victoria’s Secret. I remembered a few years ago when i use to get their catalog in the mail (every single week) they had some one pieces with support…well, i got quite a laugh out of what i found over there. Let me show you these “one pieces”….

suit6 suit8

and the crowning jewel…read the description…a REMOVABLE bandeau top …oh goodness.


I mean i don’t know about ya’ll but i thought these would be fabulous for shrimp swim class at the YMCA with little man HAHA … so beyond kidding.

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