Friday, May 21, 2010

Show Us Your Life: Your City

The topic of today’s Show Us Your Life is Your City.

Well “My City” is still MountainTop, PA, where both Alex and I were born and raised and quite the opposite of where we live now, Indianapolis.

This is the house i grew up in, thanks to bing maps birds eye view.


This is our house in Indy…


This is the high school Alex and I went to …. good old Crestwood High School.


…this will be Liam’s high school.


Mountaintop doesn’t really have a whole lot to offer besides pizza places and banks … but it has amazing scenery. You don’t realize how much you take mountains for granted until you move to “the middle”.

mtop mtop2 mtop3 mtopwinter

Indy on the other hand has A LOT to offer.

This is a picture of downtown and the canal. I used to work right by the canal and it was awesome to go to lunch at Buggs Temple and sit outside on the patio that overlooks the canal.


Monument Circle during the Christmas season.


Of course Lucas Oil Stadium.


Brickyard, Indianapolis Motor Speedway!


The Indianapolis Zoo….i CANNOT wait to take Liam this summer.


The Children’s Museum.

DCF 1.0

…and of course a wide variety of amazing restaurants.

St. Elmos


Eagle’s Nest at The Hyatt


Shopping is amazing too!

72802657_d1d6a8bbe0 Keystone metropolis-shopping

I hope you enjoyed taking a look at my two cities.


Courtney said...

Hey Sarah I found your blog from Kelly's Korner and I thought I would stop by and say hi because we are from the same town. My girls will also go to the same High School as Liam, good ole' Avon. I'm a Plainfield grad so its hard for me to think I will have to be an Avon fan! ha! I would love to get to know you more through your blog and maybe one we will meet up at a high school football game or something :)

Beth McC. said...

What a fun post!! I love all your pictures!! Your blog is too cute! Happy Friday!

Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

Wow, I could not relate more to this post! I live in NEPA now (I saw Mountaintop, which is why I clicked this post) but I grew up in CT. (My DH is from this area.) And seriously, I was just talking to a friend today who is considering teaching at Crestwood next year! lol!
However, I've been to Indy several times, and I went to college in Ohio. You are SO right about it being "the middle"! lol I have to say I'm not really a fan of the MidWest - give me mountains or the beach any day!

I have a little boy, too - so nice to "meet" you today! New follower! :)

Chelsa said...

i'm from Southern Indiana (about 45 min. north of Evansville)... we come to Indy a lot :)

CraftGirlAlli said...

The circle at Christmas time is my FAVORITE! We went and walked around last year and saw Santa riding a motorcycle! But I wasn't quick enough with my camera :(