Saturday, March 27, 2010

We made it!

Thursday night at 8pm we packed up the car and headed out for an, intended, 10 hour drive to Pennsylvania. We arrived in Pennsylvania at 8:30 Friday morning after traveling through a horrible snow and ice storm, thank you Ohio… Here is the front of our car that morning, poor Leroy needs a bath.


Liam did awesome in the car. We decided to travel at night so that he would not have his sleep schedule all messed up if we would have traveled during the day. He woke up once at 4:30 and was smiling and playing with Sophie before having a little bottle and falling back to sleep. He woke up around 7am and stayed awake until we arrived. He was having a great time sitting in the back with Daddy looking out the window. This was Liam the first time he has mountains! I blew his mind!


We had a wonderful first day in PA. Liam got to meet my Grandmother and Aunt for the first time and they were over the moon for that little boy. He was so sweet and in such a great mood and certainly provided us with endless entertainment.

DSC01919 DSC01922

There was no way we would have been able to fit Liam’s tub in the car since he came bearing almost everything else he owns so we put him in the big tub and well…needless to say had an adventure.


Isn’t this cup fun. My mom got this tea cup for Christmas and it is just adorable. The handle looks like a huge diamond ring!


Liam and I checking out Uncle Matt’s old room.

DSC01931 DSC01927

For Easter I am making cake balls, which i have been super excited about! I was telling my mom about them yesterday and we got to talking about our plan for Easter desserts. We decided to make three kinds of cake balls, carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, vanilla with vanilla frosting, and chocolate with chocolate frosting. We are only going to make half the cake into the cake balls and then make cupcakes with the rest. Right before we left on Thursday I was checking my google reader and came across, what i thought, was the worlds best idea for a cupcake! If you have not seen this already you need to check out Peabody’s Blog for the Cadbery Ceame Egg Cupcakes!!!! This is what we will be making with the other half of the chocolate cake! Alex is going to love me forever after this. Just look at this picture she took, it is enough to make me run out and buy all the ingredients now just to try them…and then possible go into sugar shock but it would be well worth it.

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