Monday, March 29, 2010

An upgrade?

We are still in PA visiting with family and are having a wonderful time. Yesterday we had our family photo shoot with Shane East and it was so much fun! I ended up getting an outfit at Target and it coordinated perfect with the boys. We went for our screening today and we couldn’t be happier with our picture, we got some great ones i can’t wait to share. Liam even had real bunnies hopping on him for some pictures, too cute!

Liam has been having a little bit of a hard time adjusting to being away from home. His sleep schedule, well more so his nap schedule is still off and he is so stimulated every day between meeting new people and constantly being on the go. I had a slight breakdown yesterday and we at the point where i just wanted to be home and get my happy baby back. It is not that i get frustrated with Liam when he is upset it is that i feel bad for him because i know at home I'd be able to calm him down in no time and provide him with what he needs. Oh well, here’s hoping the days keep getting easier for him. Here are some pictures from the last two days.

Oh, so let me talk about my latest dilemma! When we arrived in PA it was in the 30’s, well actually when we arrived that morning it was 28 degrees but i will round to 30. So today’s forecast showed that on Easter it is going to be 80?!? Really Pennsylvania 28 degrees to 80 in a week! All i have to say is the knit hooded outfit Liam is suppose to wear for Easter number 1 might not be too appropriate.

Liam getting pushed around in his walker, he is a bit too short to reach.


Liam and Daddy playing.

DSC01937 DSC01939

Liam and “Aunt” Ashely!


Passed out after a long day of shopping.


So stuffed he needed to unbutton his pants.


Liam being a silly boy…..look at that drool!


Alright now let’s talk about the title to this post. I am contemplating upgrading my camera to a SLR, a Canon Rebel XSi to be exact. Have you ever had something continuously come up EVERYWHERE…well, that is what the canon rebel has done to me over the last month or so. It seems everywhere i look or everyone i talk to the rebel surfaces. I take a TON of pictures and truly enjoy capturing amazing moments so we will never forget. I have seen what great pictures the rebel is able to capture and that is what is pushing me in the direction of upgrading from my digital point and shoot. So for all of you that have a SLR camera what do you think? It is a good investment? 


Laura said...

I got my dslr when my daughter was about a year old, she is now almost 2. My only regret? That I didn't have it when she was born.

Go for it - you won't regret it.

Jenny said...

First of all, he is the cutest! Traveling is always hard on the schedule and the baby. I hope he gets adjusted to it.

I am waiting until my b-day to buy a digital SLR and shopping around too. It seems that the Canon is a great one. I want to say that they are updating the one you are talking about, I could be wrong, but if they are you could probably find a certified used camera for a great price!

Sarah Jane said...

I feel for you (and Liam!). I feel like Henry has also recently become really sensitive to his routine! BUT, at the same time, you have to go on vacations and enjoy yourself-I am sure he will be back to his old self as soon as you are home.

As far as the camera, I LOVE mine and have no complaints!

John, Jessica and Emma said...

I have been lurking for awhile now and I just wanted to come out and say I think Liam is adorable!! Also I completely understand the traveling issues!! They will get better.

Also, I have the Canon Rebel and I LOVE it!!! It is by far one of the best cameras possible!!! I have always had an SLR camera, loved the pictures and didn't want to loose the quality by going digital. I was SOOO excited when the DSLR came out and bought mine when my daughter was born and LOVE the convience, but still high quality!!

Love reading your blog!