Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy 5 Month Birthday Liam

Dear Liam,


    Today you are 5 months old. You and I both have grown this month and reached out from our comfort zone to experience new and exciting things. You seem to have learned something new each day this month. It is amazing to watch you in a few environment because you sit so still and calm, processing to take everything in.

    To say you love your “doorway” jumper would be an understatement (i put doorway in quotes because we actually have it rigged up between our dining room and living room). You can jump SO high and laugh and squeal in delight the whole time. We also raise the jumper so your feet don’t touch and swing you; you love it and often belly laugh the whole time. There have even been a few times you have jumped yourself to sleep….as seen below.

 DSC01350 DSC01713

     This month you tried almost every fruit and vegetable and loved them all. I think your favorite is apples. Here you are eating avocado; i am so happy i will have someone to share guacamole with in my future!


You have become conscious of Kinsey and Nigel this month and are obsessed with them! Every time they come into the room they get 100% of your attention. If you are in your exersaucer and one sits in front of you, you try to jump out to get them. Those poor cats are in for a treat once you learn to crawl.


You have learned to make so many new faces this month and they all crack me up. DSC01380 DSC01414 

You have your hands in your mouth 75% of the day and the other 25% you usually have a toy in there that you are chewing on. You drool on everything and usually go through 2-3 bibs a day. Gosh, i can’t imagine what the drooling will be like when you truly start getting teeth in. DSC01432 DSC01574


You love to do airplane!


…and grab your toes


You favorite outfit is none!


You are getting a lot better at sitting by yourself and at times can do it more almost a minute.


Whenever we put you on your back you roll over almost immediately! For a kid who hated tummy time you only want to be on your tummy trying to crawl. This has made diaper changes a battle lately.


For the past two weeks you have been trying your hardest to crawl.



We were finally able to get out of the house and go for a few long walks. You love being in your stroller, whether we are walking around the neighborhood or shopping you stay away the entire time and just look around. You are such the ladies man when we go shopping, always batting those big blue eyes and flashing a big gummy smile to all the ladies. A few lucky ones even got a giggle out of you.  It seems every time we leave the house you return in the best mood, both of these pictures are post walk, you were such a happy boy.

 DSC01551    DSC01579

Speaking of going on walks, you got to go on the swing at the park for the first time this month and loved it. You smiles and laughed the whole time. I think we could have been there all afternoon.


It is amazing how much and how long you play in your exersaucer. What 4 month old can entertain themselves for upwards of an hour?!? You are amazing. You learned this month how to turn yourself around to play with the different toys. You also have great eye sight. If you are playing in your exersacuer you can see me doing the dishes in the kitchen.

 DSC01586 DSC01599DSC01731

You suddenly developed a liking for the MAM pacifiers this month, it is still weird to not see you with the huge soothie paci all the time.


We have been watching American Idol this month. You and I both like Lee. No matter what you are doing you will stop and turn to watch him sing.


You celebrated your first St. Patrick’s Day this month. You are not a bit Irish but Mommy’s favorite color is green so we pretend like we are for one day.


You went out to dinner for the first time this month as well. Your Dad and I parked the car and stood outside your door contemplating if we were going to go in facing the unknown or go through the drive thou somewhere else. Well we did it and it was great! You did awesome and loved being out.



You laugh at everything! From being tickled or bombarded with kisses, to swinging and funny faces and laughs…it is such a sweet sound.

Your Dad is already your biggest fan, he is absolutely crazy about you. There is not a day that has gone by that he hasn’t said how cool you are, how cute you are, how much he loves you, or how you are the best. Everyone is starting to say that you are looking more like him everyday and i’d have to agree. There was one afternoon we were at the park and i thought to myself, oh my goodness i am pushing a little Alex on this swing but i wouldn’t have it any other way…your Dad is one handsome man! Papa’s fingers are your favorite chew toy, yes i make sure they are clean. Another trait you inherited from him that started shining through this month is a short temper fuse.  Watching you get frustrated when you try to crawl and only move backwards or try to grab every toy in site but only grab what those two little hands can fit is a lot like watching him play xbox….fists are thrown, toys are slammed into hard surfaces making loud noises, and high pitches screams come from your little mouth. At 5 months it is cute … but we need to start working on breaking this habit little man.

        DSC01802DSC01853  DSC01576

You out grew the first strap position in your car seat so we moved them up for you.


…and our biggest achievement this month you are officially not being swaddled anymore for bed time!!!!! As well as you being successful at putting your pacifier back in by yourself a few times.


You officially outgrew your 0-3 and 3 months clothes and are now wearing 3-6 or 6 month in most sizes or 9 month in Ralph Lauren (they are sized ridiculously small). You moved up to a size 3 diaper because the 2’s were getting too tight  to close around your legs. You still nap once in the morning from 9-10 and then a good 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon around 12:30, and then go to bed around 9 every night. As i type this letter to you you are taking another big step towards growing up. Up until now you have ALWAYS taken your afternoon nap in your swing. Every time i have tried to lay you down in your pack and play or even bouncy seat your nap only lasts a short while. Well here you are today … a solid 2 hours into your nap. I was lucky enough to share the first hour along side of you, that is the best!


We have a very exciting month coming up with a visit to Pennsylvania where there are a ton of people anxiously waiting to meet you. We are so excited for you to meet everyone and to see mountains :-) and all of the wonderful things that your Dad and I grew up with. I love you Liam more than you will ever know.

Love you always little man,


DSC01814sarliam DSC01545  DSC01710

Look at how you’ve grown…..


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Alex and Jill said...

He is SO CUTE!! I need to get Amelia one of the Johnny Jump Ups for the doorway. I've seen several babies her age in them and they all love them!

Such cute pics!