Sunday, March 14, 2010

Our Weekend

This weekend was suppose to be boring and lonely for Liam and I because Alex was scheduled to work BUT …. late Friday afternoon he called me with the good news that he didn’t have to work after all!! Yay!! Friday night we went out to dinner for the first time as a family. We got out of the car and almost got back in because we were so afraid of what we would do if Liam had a melt down but we braved the unknown and went in. This is a prime example of how bad  i feel when we put off doing fun things with Liam because we are afraid of him melting because the boy ended up doing AWESOME! He was such a good boy and loved looking around at all the fun stuff. He happily sat in his carseat nomming on Sophie until half way through dinner when he wanted to get out and then had a great time sitting with Daddy looking around.

DSC01647 DSC01650

Didn’t he look adorable in his batman shirt?


When we got home he was WIRED…this seems to happen every time we leave the house. We put him in his jumper to jump off some energy…..he jumped and jumped and then crashed (as in … wore himself out!)

Saturday we made a quick run to TJ Maxx to look for some “going out” outfits for Liam but didn’t have any luck…oh well at least i made out with Jimmy Johns for lunch!! Yum…..a #12 is one of my favorite things ever! We may be moving in a few months and the first thing i did was make sure there was a Jimmy Johns within driving distance. Saturday night we watched 500 Days of Summer and LOVED it. It was by far the best movie we have seen in a while, Alex and I both agreed.

DSC01682 DSC01711 DSC01708 DSC01666

Liam has been practicing his attempt to crawl ALL weekend. The second we lay him on his back he flips right over and starts trying to move….he is showing signs of being a strong willed child all ready! He gets so frustrated and tries SO hard….he even had red marks on his knees by the end of the night…poor little guy. He was successful in moving forward about an inch every minute last night.

We also started the Baby Signing Time DVD’s yesterday. They are wonderful! Alex and I have both learned all of the signs on the first disk and are doing them all the time for Liam so that he can start to associate and pick up on them.

Sunday was a relaxing, rainy day at home which was great since all of our schedules were totally throw off with daylight savings time. Who’d of thought one hour could throw a whole day off track. Here’s hoping we can get Liam back on his normal schedule by the middle of the weak.

I did our menu plan for the week and went grocery shopping. I made up a menu planning and grocery shopping list document that was awesome at the store today. I formatted the shopping list to match the layout of our grocery store to make shopping all that much easier.


Today i have also been planning out our outfits for our professional photo session we are having when we visit Pennsylvania and also trying to come up with some outfits to wear while we are there. So far i have 5 outfits and we will be there for 11 days….UGH…it is really not fun having a closet full of clothes that do not fit! I found two shirts on overstock that i LOVE and may have to get so i have something to wear besides sweatshirts.


One last Liam update….he learned this week how to reach out when he wants to be picked up. It is the cutest thing!


Ellemes said...

Visiting from Mommy and Me Monday

Your little guy is so cute! I had the same experience taking Roo places when she was smaller - always worried and then she did great.

We did some signing with Roo and it made life so nice to be able to communicate with her. Knowing when she wanted milk or more was so nice. It took a long time for her to start and I felt silly signing to her all the time, but it was great when she started. Her cousin who is younger learned over 30 signs.

Krystyn said...

What a cutie with his little batman onesie!

I'd really appreciate it you'd include the button with the link people know you are participating:)