Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I got crafty and solved a problem

I made a leash for Sophie so someone can no longer throw her over the edge of the exersaucer, car seat, or any other elevated surface.


I made one for gup-gup too.DSC01899

I have been working like crazy during nap time trying to get us all packed for our trip coming up. Our room was an absolute disaster yesterday. I am fairly certain i tried on 75% of the clothes i own. I snapped a picture of the outfits before i packed them so that i could look back and pack my shoes and jewelry later.


While visiting we are having our first professional photo shoot and i have been trying to come up with a cute outfit theme for all of us. The boys outfits are already taken care of; Liam is wearing the  blue knit coverall i bought him last week and Alex is wearing dark jeans, a light blue button down shirt and a chocolate brown sweater over. I know exactly what i want to wear but i can’t find it for a decent price; the cardigan from J Crew is $100…umm NO. Here is the ultimate outfit i’d like to wear (the shoes, and jeans i already have). If anyone knows where i can buy a light blue, 3/4 length sleeve cardigan with detailing around the neckline at a steal please let me know, i think i’ve looked everywhere!


I also got my hair cut over the weekend for the occasion. Probably not the best picture but there is a handsome little man in it with me to make up for it. This is us last night watching Biggest Loser. I guess getting red eyes in pictures is genetic, sorry Liam.


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Christine said...

Hey girl - its Christine! As you know, I'm a total blog-a-holic so of course I read yours. I love all your pictures. It is definitely something you will treasure forever!

I just wanted to let you know that Jcrew added a BUNCH of items to its sale today. I'm totally addicted to jcrew so I frequent the site. They also do an additional 20% - 30% off sale often which would make the price even better!

I hope all is well and have a safe trip back home :)