Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Favorite Shopping Partner

Liam and I have been out and about lately on many adventures. It is funny to think just a few weeks ago i was scared to death to take him out  by myself and now I pack us up and we are out for the day. I have been wanting to take a trip down to the outlets since the last time we were there when i was 37 weeks pregnant and obviously could not buy anything for myself!


Yesterdays forecast was sunny and 70 degrees so i knew it would be the perfect day for Liam and I to go. To make our day even better we met Alex for lunch on our way down. We had a wonderful day shopping together. Liam had a blast sitting in the stroller like a big boy (facing forward instead of in his car seat) and looking at all of the people. That boy is such a little flirt. He bates those big blue eyes at all the ladies and flashes them huge smiles. We also got some great deals. I love OshKosh clothes for Liam because they fit him great. I have had a hard time finding jeans that look normal on an infant and theirs are perfect. Liam got a cute pair of navy and red overalls for summer and a tee shit for underneath, a polo body suit, and another pair of jeans. On our way out i made a quick run into another children's store and the clothes were outrageously expensive BUT i got some incredible deals in the clearance section. I found him a blue knit coverall to wear for Easter (he needs two Easter outfits because we are celebrating both Saturday and Sunday) it was originally priced at $80 but i got it at 80% off!! I also got him two outfits for next Christmas, a simple plaid button down and a polo coverall, very cute.


I now have enough outfits, that fit, for our whole trip, yay! I got some really cute stuff at Banana Republic.


Lately Liam had become obsessed with Kinsey and Nigel (our two cats). Every time they come in the room he can’t take his eyes off of them. He was in his exersaucer this morning trying to jump out at Kinsey. I seriously thought it was going to tip over. I think they are going to have another “tail” once he is mobile.


I thought this was just the sweetest picture of my boys :-)


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