Friday, January 1, 2010

New years eve and a trip to urgent care later...we welcomed 2010

Yeah!! Happy New Year...gosh 2010 already; i can still remember hanging out with Ashely and baby sitting on new years 2000...doesn't feel like 10 years ago that is for sure. This year has been wonderful. Goodness, i cannot express enough how grateful i am that this year we were blessed with the most amazing son, a happy and healthy baby boy is all i could have ever asked for but he is so much more than that. I was very emotional today towards Liam. My heart felt all day like it was overflowing (more than usual) with how much i love this little boy. Today was also the first day that i missed him. As i will talk about later, today we went to the childrens museum while Daddy watched Liam. Being there, seeing other little ones, made me miss him so much, i just wanted to come home and snuggle with him. I cannot wait to see what 2010 has in store for our family. I know next year at this time our lives will be very different. We will most likely be living in a new state, have a toddling little boy, and hopefully have experienced a wonderful year of opportunity and happiness.

So let us back up to new years eve 2009, yesterday. My sister, brother in law, and nephew came from Pennsylvania to spend new years with us and for them to meet Liam. The arrived on Wednesday and wouldn't you know Tuesday morning i woke up with a horrible sore throat. I thought for sure it was because Alex didn't have the humidifier running the night before but as the day went on it got worse and worse. By that night i was congested and developed a low grade fever with lots of nausea...great just want i need when i have visitors coming. So i woke up Wednesday feeling awful, absolutely awful. I tried a few different cold medications but nothing seemed to take away the facial pain and congestion. So Wednesday night i was up all night with a fever and decided the next day i needed to get this fixed so that i could enjoy our visitors. Now as one who hates to go to the doctors i think it took both my mom and alex by surprise when i decided to go to urgent care, all by myself as well. So at 9 o'clock i headed to the urgent care. Luckily there was only two other people there so i didn't have to wait long. I saw a older, Indiana man how looked in my nose for not two seconds and said "OOOOh you have a BAD sinus infection" ... phew i was happy, at least i didn't go to urgent care for a cold. So he hooked me up with an antibiotic and told me to take two other medications. By that afternoon i was feeling SO much better already. It was amazing. I have never recovered that quickly from a sinus infection in my life and believe me i have had my fair share of them. I was uneasy at first to go to urgent care but i absolutely loved it. I am not one to make a yearly physical, no thank you, and to get primary care physical you have to go for a physical and i will NOT go to the doctors for no reason because i am crazy and have such bad anxiety to take my clothes off at the doctors, unless it is the OB...i got used to that. So i am sold on urgent healed QUICK and didn't have to take my clothes off a win win in my book.

Kerri, John, and Evan had an awesome day. I am quite jealous at what they got to do! They went to the Indianapolis Moter Speedway to go to the museum and take a ride around the track. Little did they know they would have a very cool bus driver who let them get our and kiss the bricks. How amazing is that. They kissed the same brick as so many amazingly successful Indy and NASCAR drivers. They kissed the bricks!! That is just so neat. They were overcome with emotion at the opportunity and experience they had and i am so happy for them that they got to do that.

Later that night we made a wonderful lobster dinner with twice baked potatoes and roasted asparagus. After a slight misstep with the potatoes, being undercooked, getting tore apart, microwaving and a call to our mom later we got them looking semi nice.

Mr. Liam was in rare for since our visitors have been here. My happy as a clam baby did nothing but fuss and cry. It actually alarmed Alex and I because he was acting so different that normal. Hopefully tomorrow once everyone is gone he will relax and feel better. I know it sounds crazy, and when i told my sister this two weeks ago she thought i was nuts but not now but Liam, our two and a half month old mind you, we think is teething. He is chomping on everything, drooling like a crazy man, fussing up a storm, and you can see a white bud on his bottom gum. Poor kiddo!

So today is officially the fist day of the new year. Kerri, Evan, and I adventured to the Indianapolis Childrens Museum and had a wonderful time. They have so many fun things for kids to do and see. I loved that they even had a section for ages 2 and under. If my some rare chance we are still here in Indy next year i would love to take Liam.

So that is pretty much my news years in a blog nut shell. So far 2010 has been great :-)

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