Thursday, January 7, 2010

Let it SNOW!

We are expected to get upwards of 6 inches of snow today by 5 o'clock. This will be our first real snow storm this year in Indianapolis. I am excited because i am able to stay home in comfy clothes, snuggle with Liam, have the fireplace on and a nice cup of hot chocolate BUT i just want Alex to get home safely. It is only 10 am right now and as i look out onto our deck we have about 5 inches....i am starting to think their estimate of 6 inches is a little off.

Yesterday i put together Liam's exersaucer. This boy hates tummy time so in an effort to get him out of his bouncy chair, which i now call his old man recliner, i decided to pull out the new toy. He loves the exersaucer and surprisingly holds himself up very well. Liam hating tummy time stresses me out. I try every day, a few times of day but it only lasts a few minutes. I loved Dr. Karp's Happiest Baby on the Block, his philosophies seriously did give me the happiest baby on the block, and he believes that for children under 4 months old you should not let them cry anything out because it gives them feelings of insecurity. So of course when Liam starts to fuss i save him but the poor kiddo is not making much progress on his push up strength.

The boy also loves TV. Ugh...can he get anymore like his father, just kidding, i wouldn't mind at all if he turned out to be just like him! There is so much debate as to whether watching TV under a certain age is detrimental or not. It is not recommended by the AAP for children under 2 BUT there has been recent research at Harvard to show that there is no benefit but there is also no harm. For Christmas he got a Baby Mozart DVD from his Aunt Kerri. Both yesterday morning and today i have put it on for him while i make breakfast and check email. He just stares at the TV and coos/talks to it the whole time. I think this might be one of those things that i say "hey my brother watched a TON of TV when he was Liams age and look how he turned out (very good, grad student soon to be doctoral candidate). The picture below is him smiling at Taylor Swift; i guess he think she is pretty.

I just got the biggest bottom lip pout and wail from Liam. Why you ask? I was having lunch and we was so interested in my food so i started telling him that in a few weeks he will be able to try cereal and then vegetables ...... insert lip pout and crocodile tears. HAHA even more like Daddy, crying over the thought of veggies. But he loves frog legs!


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Jenny said...

I think he might be the cutest baby around! Oh my goodness! I'm following you from the MBC... come visit my blog and follow along if you like what you read.

Oh, don't worry about the tummy time's highly overrated. And as far as the TV goes-my daughter watched entirely too much and now she is a first grader in the gifted program!

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This is crazy! I just showed my husband pics of your Liam, my baby wore that exact same outfit to bed tonight! Great minds!

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