Friday, January 29, 2010

My number one must have!

When i created our Baby Must Have list for the first three months i really took my time and thought long and hard about what are favorite, can't live without items were. I consulted with Alex and we determined the list was conclusive. Then this morning something popped into my head. How in the world could i forget to include OUR VERY FAVORITE ITEM! So i have decided that since we love this product so much i will dedicate a separate post to it. What is it you ask.....our video monitor! I can't explain to you how much we love this item and how much use it gets. As you know Liam sleeps in a pack n play in our room and we have the camera on the opposite end of the bed. It is wonderful in the middle of the night when he starts moving around to take a peak on the monitor and see if he is just moving around or if he is going to melt down. After we put him to bed at night we bring it downstairs and are about to see if the if he is still awake or if he needs us to come up and give him his paci again, etc. I am a visual person not audio (but speaking of audio the sound on this thing is amazing, you can hear him breathing so easily!) so this product is perfect for me. I honestly can not recommend this enough! We love love love it. And we got it at a steal on!

Liam learned a new trick this week and it is my favorite one yet! If i am holding him and we are looking in the mirror or if he is laying on my chest and looking around he will start to giggle and then bury his head in your shoulder/neck. Oh my goodness we just can't get enough of him doing this, it is adorable.  

I mentioned in my must have post about the bath luve i ordered for little man. We recived it on Monday and he LOVED it!!! Everytime i put it on him he give me a big smile and giggle.

I created this growth photo the other day and it was truly amazing to see how much he has grown. I didn't think there would be such a big difference from one month until now because the difference from birth to one month was so big. 
No big plans for us this weekend. It is freezing cold but luckily we are not getting the ice storm some of the country is. Tonight we are having make your own pizza night which we are both excited for! Oh speaking of dinner Liam has been sitting in his high chair with us during dinner all this week. I think we all love it!

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Emily said...

We love the video monitor! When we got it I thought it was total overkill, but I'm eating my words now. I've told all of my pregnant friends it's a must-have. It brings me such peace of mind to be able to look at my little guy and see that he's okay. Otherwise I would be running up to his room every 5 minutes!