Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Wrap Up

Oooooh 2009 what an amazing year you have been! Every thought so many things have happened this year it feels as thought we just celebrate the end of 2008. January 2009 stated out on a quest to start our family. I was crazy with tracking temperatures, taking ovulation prediction tests (in the bathroom at EHOB and work), and being neurotic BUT the last week of January we conceived Liam. On February 16, 2009 i found out i was pregnant. I cannot ever put into words the feelings i felt of that day, it truly was when my life had started changing forever. March 2009 was a full month of morning sickness!!!! or should i say all day/midnight sickness. I lived this month of Ramen noodles and toaster strudles. April brought the second trimester and feeling semi "normal" again. May 2009 Alex and i celebrated our first year of marriage with an amazing dinner at St. Elmo's steak house. June 2009 we found out we were having a BOY....the rest of the month i shopped for anything and everything BLUE! July 2009 we painted his nursery, assembled his furniture and I started growing and growing and growing. August 2009 we traveled to Pennsylvania for our baby shower. It was a wonderful time but a LONG drive when you are 8 months pregnant. September brought pains and the uncomfortable part of the pregnancy, i was cooked and wanted little man out! October 2009 was the month that changed our lived forever. On October 22 Liam Alexander came into the world weighing 7 pounds 7 ounces and 20 and a quarter inches long. November was graced with visited from both the Hinkley's and the Pawlowski's it was wonderful for everyone to be able to come visit and spend time with Mr. Liam. Liam also celebrated his first Thanksgiving that month and learned to smile in response to Alex and I. December has been so much fun. Liam is more alert, more active, and loves to smile..he is such a happy baby. We spent his first Christmas at home and Grandma H, Pop, and Uncle Matt come to be with us. We has a wonderful time and Liam got some great presents! He is a very lucky boy!

As 2010 approaches in a few hours i am so excited to see what it has in store. It should be a wonderful year with all of Liam's "firsts" such as rolling over, sitting up, talking, crawling, walking ... i honestly cannot wait!

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