Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Sick Bambino

Last week i came down with a head cold and sinus infection, i tried SO hard to do everything in my power to prevent Liam from catching what i had. In one day i used a half bottle of purel. Two nights ago we noticed he was a little more congested than normal but thought it was because he didn't turn on the humidifier that night. The next night, last night, we tried saline drops, two in each nostil, to help dry up the congestion in hopes that he would be able to sleep better.

Well last night, more so this morning, we were awoken at 6am with a super congested baby. Oh it was so sad, it was so hard for him to breath through his nose and he kept coughing on mucus. We took him into the bathroom and turned on the shower and he sat on his Daddy's lap for a good 20-30 minutes. Bless his heart he was still a happy little boy. We gave him a bottle and then headed downstairs to go back to sleep. I figured it would be easier for him to sleep if he was  more inclined so we put him in his travel swaddle blanket and put him in his swing and he slept peacefully until 9:30.

Today we went and bought him a new humidifier. After reading many reviews we decided on the Crane frog cool mist humidifier. I had wonderful reviews and a great price. We used to have a warm mist but from what i've read a cool mist humidifier is what you want when you are dealing with congestion. So we got him the cutest frog humidifier, just like his gup-gup paci.

He has been asleep tonight for a little over a half an hour. We put a folded blanket under his mattress to give his head some slight elevation. I pray that he is able to sleep peacefully tonight.

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