Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Our Weekend

This weekend technically started for us on Monday. Alex had to work two-twelve hour days this past weekend but was lucky enough to have off both Monday and Tuesday.

On Sunday i decided to break out the 30 Day Shred DVD and kick my butt into weigh loss gear. It was awesome! Challenging but rewarding because i really felt like it was a solid twenty minutes of exercise. I am proud of myself because even though i was feeling extremely sore come Monday i still did it again and then again today (Tuesday). Alex joined in on the "fun" both yesterday and today. It helped motivate me and push myself even harder knowing that someone else was there watching. I must say that it is not a walk in the park program and having not worked out at all since prenatal yoga during my first trimester i was scared at how out of shape i was going to be and how much i would struggle to get through but i was surprised to feel a new found sense of strength. Each time i felt like a needed a break i would say to myself "Sarah if you can push out another human life you can do this" and I did! There is something about birthing a child that makes you feel like you can do anything after that. I am the kind of person that needs to be held accountable for exercise because it is not something that i enjoy, i have NEVER gotten a "runners high". I reached out to me fellow Baby Center October board members looking for anyone doing 30 Day Shred as well that would benefit from an accountability partner. I am hoping that i will have someone to check in with soon.

On Monday Alex, Liam, and I went down to the Greenwood area to go to Babies R Us to order Liam's crib conversion kit. We were so excited because we also bought him a doorway jumper with money he got for Christmas. The child loves to jump! I am sure he will love it in a few months when we gets the concept of jumping more.

It seems like over the weekend Liam got a real sense of how his hands work. He had been grabbing onto so many toys and shaking them around or bringing then to his mouth. Speaking of bringing this to his mouth, he will not keep his hand out of it! He is constantly chopping on his hands; at one point he had both hands and his gup-gup (paci) in his mouth.

I am sure by now almost everyone has heard the Pants on the Ground "song" from American Idol last week. So i made up a new tune for Mr. Liam that i sing to him during diaper changes. "Pants on the ground, pants on the ground, Liam's got his pants on the ground" haha he loves it!

On Monday morning we had Liam laying in bed with us for a little while until he woke up enough for breakfast. Now i will preface by saying that with the two of us laying on one side we did tip the bed on a slight angle BUT Liam rolled over from his back to his belly! Since he is not a fan of tummy time he was not very excited about his new trick.

That night we also put Liam in his stroller facing forwards and he LOVED it, absolutely loved it! We drove him around the downstairs for a good hour and he just sat up so contently and looked around at everything. It made me even more anxious for summer!! I cannot wait until we can go for walks around the neighborhood and get out of this house!

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