Monday, January 11, 2010


I wrote a post the other day and talked about how uneasy i was feeling because Liam hates tummy time and was not holding his head up well or pushing up; during tummy time he would just cry and try to bury his face in the floor. Well this morning he made me a very proud Mama!! Look at what he did.

Yesterday we got all of our Christmas decorations packed away. I had said earlier this week that i was sad to see them be taken down but i feel a sense of peace having our house back to our new normal and by that i mean back to our house looking like a daycare because Liam has so many things in the living room.

I was so happy this morning when i called our insurance company to get Liam's bill straightened out. Turns out that when the November bill was processed the were still in the works of changing his effective date. When i called everything had already been taken care of and a new invoice had already been sent. So far today has been awesome!

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